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Grand Junction Canal Wave

A friend and I tried out a local canal wave recently (lets say it’s located around 28 ¼ Road). Since I have limited skills, I was curious what local boaters’ thoughts were on this spot. I know someone here has had to have tried this before (given its obvious location) or at least tubed it as a kid.

Here are my thoughts: We tried to surf the second wave (the first one didn’t seem steep enough), but could never really get it done. Because of its speed, shape and surgieness there was limited margin for error, but it would hold my boat and I definitely felt that if I had more skills it would be a decent spot. I was surprised how fast it was (compared to the 5th Street wave and the unnamed wave by Connected Lakes), the gradient must be deceiving. It was a bizarre environment in the canal with the water constantly surging your elevation would change rapidly, braces would disappear and the eddies moved upstream almost as fast as the flow downstream.

I am being completely honest here – this is nothing special, nothing worth traveling for or putting on a map like the M-wave. It’s been here for years and is in fairly plain site. It’s just the slim pickens a few bored kayakers have to work with here in the immediate valley. So don’t all posse up and go runnin down there. Since it’s a local irrigation canal its pretty likely we were not suppose to be there and I doubt they are going to start letting anyone. If you do go, consider yourself warned that there is a good change of a run-in, warnings or citations. Not to mention the water quality likely equates to a West Slope version of Confluenza (I think I am getting a headache right now). This is more of a one-timer, full moon kind of thing. I am just hoping to hear what other boaters have to say about it.

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i never really had that much fun on that wave, mostly because i kept getting kicked off by the people who live right next to the canal. they always threaten to call the cops, so we have just bailed. other than that, it is a wave, but not that good of one. too fast to do moves for me, but hey, it is late season GJ, and there isn't much. Cutch?
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Andrew has it right. Very narrow and fast. The last boat that I could actually carve with was a Glide—everything else after that was too short. I generally had more fun playing around in the eddy lines, doing bow stalls and squirts and stuff. I went a handful of times, but had to quit once the canal authority started to "recognize my truck" and yelled at me for the third time. My advice...start poaching the best local run you have, whatever that is.
Kyle McCutchen
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H2 Hoes
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i live in junction and am getting tired of makeing long trips to m wave and would like to try oiut this wave i used to getting kicked out of places and we can be sneeky could you give me directions to this place?
West Slope
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It's next to the Patterson/F-road 'hill'. Near that and 28 1/4 I guess. You can't be sneaky. Just do it and know that you might get caught.
Kyle McCutchen
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The Sneak,
From 28 1/4 Road (The Big hill), Go East on Orchard Ave, and North on 28 1/2 Road and park at the apartments on the left. there is a vacant lot that provides access to the canel. Once your in the water it hard for home owners to see you.

>If you park on the canal road your car is easily noticed.

Good Luck
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