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GRAND CANYON...please read

So after a very long wait, I have finally received notice from the Grand Canyon river office that my date has been granted. They have been incredibly accomadating, in that my wife and I are both teachers, and can therefore only put on between 6/1 and 8/1 or so each summer.

We have been given a date in mid-July, 2007.

Unfortunately, however, my wife is about 3 months pregnant right now with our first, and we're planning to do most of the work in buildling a new home next summer. Thus, I'd be leaving a 4-month old child and house project behind...the timing really sucks.

Im banging my head on the wall, then, for the following reason-

it is seemingly impossible (at least through the grand canyon offices) to TRADE dates. This seems ridiculous, as Id much rather give up next year's spot and take a trip in the summer of 08 or 09. Im SURE that there are people who have dates at that time who would also much rather go next year, but a simple swap is prohibited.


Any suggestions??

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castle rock
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Send a message via AIM to liam dunn
i'll take your spot
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I don't know the rules, but you can probably find answers over on the Grand Canyon Private Boater's Association web site. Looks like they even have a forum for swapping dates, so you may be in luck:,37/
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Well, I hate to break the bad news, but you're screwed. You used to be able to defer for 3 years and you used to be able to swap dates, but neither is true anymore.

The park has moved from a system based on a permit holder to a system based on launches. By that, once a launch is given to some one, they can add any number of alternate trip leaders. Anybody on the trip can presumably be an alternate trip leader. So if someone has to bag out, the trip still goes.

I don't recall what they're going to do with any cancellations, but they may just let them drop.

The good news is that there will be a lot more launches than before, especially if you want to go in the spring/fall (but you're a teacher...).

So, I think the best you can do at this point, is get some friends together and send them off down the big ditch and hope that either they or you pull another trip some time after you're ready to leave your wife and kid at home.

Good luck,
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The new system does not allow trading dates or deferrning launches, as was possible in the past. That's one of the tradeoffs that was made in order to double the number of private launches. If a launch is cancelled, it goes back in the lottery pool for others to compete for.

For the trip to pass to an alternate leader, you must have listed the names of the alternate trip leaders on your original application -- you can't add them later. In that case, the trip can still go, even if you can't. No comfort to you after waiting all this time.

More info at


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Grand Canyon,

Although swapping dates is not allowed, there are ways to do it.
Turn trip over to one of your alternate leaders. The new trip leader
now invites on the 2007 trip 1-15 people from a trip that was planned for
2008-2209. The trip leader for the later trip now owes you 1-15 spots
on the 2008-2009 trip.
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The strategy that Rich from Boulder suggested could work if the original poster (bth) listed alternate trip leaders in advance.

If he has an alternate who is willing to go down the river with 15 people he or she doesn't know, and someone else with a later launch is ready to do likewise, it's a viable option.

But then that gets into group dynamics on a 2-3 week trip -- concerns about who is really running the trip, issues of experience and boater safety, etc., that could make the trip more complicated than fun.


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