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Gore rapid bites back

I think it's that time of the month for Ginger because she really strapped one on and gave it to me good. On Saturday, after doing every freestyle move ever in the meat of Gore for about 30 seconds, I realized it was time to swim. The pocket rocket is a good boat if you want to stay in the hole and throw down. I dont know if i'd recomend trying to throw down in Ginger. I had the best line once i was swimming. My boat decided to end up in the worst possible place in the canyon. It's still under the undercut rock in the middle of the class4 rapid below Pyrite. Any help in getting that back would likely create instant good karma. After swimming i hiked back up and swam across the flatwater above gore rapid and hiked towrds the takeout on the rr tracks in my styley socks. I can now say I have stepped on every rr plank from Gore rapid down. I was close to the bottom as it got dark and I decided to swim back across the river before it got too late. If your looking for an adventure, swim across the Colorado at night. Luckily the chunderposse had a cold beer waiting for me to numb the pain I felt in my pride. The meat of Gore rapid is great (especially in a playboat) because there is always a high chance of getting your ass kicked by ginger no matter what your skill level. That bitch is mean at 1200. Anyways, the moral of the story is you should always runthe meat of Gore so your bros can watch some good carnage if you swim like me.

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nice work Mo!

Your post brings back fond memories of getting my ass handed to me at that very same level. The meat is great cause you never know when your number is gonna pulled for a hardy beat down. I wish I could have been there to see it.
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proud effort

I've had a few rodeo rides in Ginger myself in an s-8, though only at 1000 cfs, and I was lucky enough to be released. Wish I had video of my humblings there, and even more, wish I'd been there to see yours.
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The day before the Gore race a ferw years back, I had what felt like the sweetest boof off the meat. Unluckily my CFS plowed into Ginger. The CFS doesn't just look like a beachball.
After many cartwheels, somehow my boat broke loose. Every time I would set up, I would take a shot. On my last bit of breath I rolled up just downstream of those ugly rocks past decision rock. There was a big crowd and I got a big cheer. But I am no longer psyched on the Meat. I think the Professor is prouder than the sneak and leaves a little less chance.
On a side note I decided to do safety instead of race. I ended up breaking my left index finger in (4) places when a Z-drag let loose and myu finger went thru the pulley. Also I would love to know who the dweeb (non-racer-end of the day) was that swam in the sneak (above decision). You never thanked me for dragging you out and then sacrificing my finger to you're lame swim.

Sorry if I am venting, a couple years of pent up anger.
PS: my hand specialist thanks you. His kids are going to college.

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not just playboats

I have to say one of the most entertaining things I've seen on Gore is when a friend of mine decided to see if he could paddle a sea kayak down gore. Watching him throw the biggest longest ends I've ever seen in Ginger was quite a treat. I didn't know that one could get soo many ends in a 20' long sea kayak...
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been there

Couple weeks ago after taking my first swim in Tunnel (I thought I was in the big hole, really! Stupid Tunnel) about 100 yards downstream in the Class IV boogie, I stopped paying attention and got flipped over onto rock. One ruptured ear drum and slight concussion later . . . Anyhow thanks to Steve, Bobber, and the rest of those Steamboat characters for getting me out of there (Doc says he's surprised I was able to keep my balance at all).

I told those guys I'd email them when I posted the mpeg movies, but of course, I promptly lost their email addresses. Anyhow, guys, thanks again, and here's the movies:

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I feel your pain. Check out my boat. I pulled it out of Kersbaum right after the race (Gore Fest) 900 cfs. Have you seen anything like it. Amazingly it flushed itself.

Go to www.boatertalk.com
riot forum
Thread number 4248
pictures of the blue riot booster
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