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evergreen, Colorado
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Good Kayak workout?

Hello, does anyone have a workout that helps alot with kayaking they wouldnt mind posting? or what muscles should I Isolate to help my streanght/endurance/ O, yjomlom chest, traps, and bicep but I know theirs more then that but dont know what they are. So if someone could help me out with this +karma bug time

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Denver, Colorado
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My two cents... general torso weight training focusing on lighter weight, higher reps is good weight training for kayaking. I keep it simple in the off season... chest press, seated row for back, biceps, triceps, 3 different angle shoulder exercises, sit ups and superman low back exercise. Simple set up I do in 30 minutes to keep my torso in decent shape. Throw in 30 jumping jacks between all the sets to get you sweating and keep up the heart rate.

Cardio can improve your paddling fitness as well. Helps keep you from huffing and puffing when you are exerting yourself. You can generally hold your breath longer when upside down, which has obvious advantages. Jogging is a good cardio workout and doesn't require gym/gear except shoes. Swimming sounds great too as it works out the entire body while doing cardio. Likely one of the better kayaking prep exercises. If I had better access to a pool I'd swim too.

Kayaking is of course the best exercise to get in kayaking shape. There is always enough water in confluence to get a workout. Catching eddies, ferrying, surfing, and working out on the slalom gates can get you a good workout in your boat.
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I definitely agree with what Ian said. A lot of the focus is in your back and core muscles. Doing dumbbell rows are a great way to help increase your strength. In addition, keeping a strong core is essential. Don't do just normal sit ups though; make sure to include various oblique exercises and lower abdominal work outs. Getting on a rowing machine is a good way to build up endurance and cardio although it does miss a few key oblique muscles that are much more prevalent in kayaking.

Inclined bench press and flys can be a great way to help prevent shoulder dislocations.

Your best bet is probably just getting out and paddling like Ian said. Using gate are better than a lake as you'll work on various turning skills that use different mucsles.


Don't forget the curls for the girls! haha
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Curls for the Girls? You must mean the short and curlies Christian cause we know your hippy chicks don't like no shaved junk, they want it al natuaral. THere are a lot of great bedroom movethat can help you on the water as well. Builds great stamina and mentally prepares you. Running down a gnarly class V is the same as trying to recover from calling out the wrong name and explianing what you really meant. Got to be cool and collected.

Seriously one of the best exercises I have found (although my boof is still lacking) is using those tricep hanging harnesses and hing in them and then doing quick crunches without ever letting your hips and knees down so you are simulating being in a boat. It kills.
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I think the core is most important part to get strong (it is always my sorest after a lot of paddling), so I work on core everytime I am at the gym. I concentrate on abs and obliques with a variety of different exercises to increase strength and stamina. I also do shoulders, chest and back exercises. Alternating workouts with pushing motions vs pulling motions on different days. I like Ian's idea of swimming, that shit is hard. I try and swim at least 2 times a week (on days I don't workout my upper body), at the end of my swim workout I do a few laps of holding my breath as long as possible and try to simulate the lack of oxygen involved in a long swim.
Kayaking is the best way to simulate kayaking so get out on these nice spring days and go to a lake or confluence and do some training, the gates at confluence are WAY better than lake paddling both for fitness and not getting bored out of your mind.
As far as yourealdad's cardio, he mostly gets it form chasing little kids trying to get away from his van without windows after they realize there is no candy inside.
And christian you left out the most important part after the curls for htem girls, you gotta tan and do some laundry afterwords.
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Golden, Colorado
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This would be kind of a big commitment but it totally works: Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Muay Thai. If you train that stuff you'll be in awesome shape year round.

I don't know if there are any MMA studios up in Evergreen but if you work down in the city then check out Easton BJJ. They have studios in Boulder, Arvada, Littleton, and Denver. If you don't like rolling around with sweaty dudes then you can just do their Muay Thai program but you don't want to miss out on their Jiu Jitsu.
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Good stuff guys!
I just had shoulder surgery and did a writeup on it and the rehab. At the end is kayak specific recommended workouts from a kayaking physical therapist. Mostly shoulder/rotator/int&ext delts, etc. Add the rest of the body to it of course.

I am personally a genetic hero and am off the couch class V. All I need is some Wheaties and a glass of milk, but I am playing along just to be nice
I've never boated before, but I have posted a lot on Mountain Buzz!
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Denver, Colorado
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Also, my thoughts were on my pre-season workout. I generally bust ass Jan-April, peaking just in time for May and runoff.

My post season workout is sitting on the couch drinking beer wishing there was still water. This workout blows all your conditioning, makes your drysuit tight, and is kind of hard on your liver. One of these years, I'll get into some year round consistent training, but I haven't found that balance yet.

Going to confluence in the snow in an hour. Nothing like the fear of getting beat down on an early Cali trip to motivate you to get your shit together. I figure if my buddies are paddling out of westwater in the rain/snow, the least I can do is go out in the cold for an hour.
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I sugest an hour or more of yoga daily.
Classes are easy to find.
It does great things for total fitness.
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Carbondale, Colorado
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Find a Crossfit near you!
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