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Going to Costa Rica... any recomendations?

Yeah i am kind of bragging but also looking for recomendations.

I will be there from Oct 22 to Nov 5th.... Spending the first week in Playa Hermosa Surfing and such. Then the next week I am not sure? Turraliba?

I am looking for recomendations for car rental. I am flying down with my kayak... America West airlines. But I need to find a car that can transport them.

Lodging in Turraliba?

Any other thoughts....


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I'm doing language school down there the month of Oct, spending the 17-21 in Turrialba doing school, and am planning on staying there until the 28th to boat, so if you want to swap you coastal surf w/ your mountainous one, I'd be psyched to meet up.
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It may not be worth the hassle of taking a boat

If you're only going to be paddling one week, I'd suggest leaving the boat at home and renting from any of the many companies in Turrialba. The hassle of taking your boat is only worth it if you're going to be there for more than two or three weeks. When I went there a couple years ago, they charged a fee to bring a boat into country. Not sure if that is still the case. Another plus, if you don't take a boat, you can use public transportation to travel which is much cheaper and a very nice way to travel.

As far as places to stay, Hotel Interamericano in Turrialba (http://www.hotelinteramericano.com/), is the place to stay This was paddler central and great place to hook up with other boaters, get info on runs, find a shuttle driver, and find rental boats.

Diego was our driver and I'm sure he's still around - he knows all the local runs and a lot of the ones that are outside of Turrialba.


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Bong- do you remember the names of any specific outfits to rent from or rought prices, as I heard some sketchy things about some of them.
thanks for the beta
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I used Costa Rica Rios. Heres a link listing all the boats they rent: http://www.costaricarios.com/boats.htm These guys are definitely not sketchy - they have a lot of boats and have been in operation for some years. The original owner, Ray Mclane (spelling?), was a very well known paddler and somewhat of a legend until he died a couple years ago. His daughter has probably taken over the business because it seemed like she was running things while we were there. Costa Rica Rios' shop is within walking distance from Hotel Interamericano (1/2 mile maybe) which makes it nice for picking up or dropping off boats.

There are some other shops to rent from but I'm not familiar with them. I know some guys rented from them and didn't have any problems.

When I was there it was $25 a day, but I only rented for about three days because I hooked up with a local paddler and he let me borrow his boat for the rest of my stay.


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no tengo
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if you can locate roger madrigal he can set you up with boats and a driver even.

suggest you run the rio toro if its running. of course you did not ask about the rivers so i will assume you have that planned out.

may i also suggest you visit arenal hot springs at night to watch the volcano erupt while you are sitting in a hot river drinking margs with swiss women. good stuff that.
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My situation might be different from most, but I was living in turrialba teaching english at an elementary school an dI got hooked up with a boat from phil at rainforest and a paddle from loco lee. I just left a deposit and when I left the country they gave me my money back. The also let me ride along with any raft trips for free or just a ten dollar charge. Compared to what I have heard rios costs this was a great deal.
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I agree with not bringing the boat. Rios Tropicals is another place you can rent gear in Turialba...there are plenty of gringos working there. Public transportation is easy, often and cheap ...no need to carry more than the bare necessity. It's fun meeting/talking to the locals on the bus as well. But if you do rent a car...get insurance for the plethora of pot holes awaiting you. Besides surfing/kayaking there's so much more! One of the best things I did there on my three trips, was hike the highest peak in the country. Chirripo is only a 13er...but starting from sea level with the intense sun and quick elevation change, it's a bitch (no ropes required). Took me 2 days. Probably turned out to be harder than any 14er i've done here. ¡Tenga la diversión y buena suerte!
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Thanks for responding....

I checked into boat rental and it was going to cost me 270 a week. I would alos like to have one with me at the beach as well.... So for boat rental I could end up spending something around 350.00. America west will charge me 160 round trip Even if the fees are $100. each way I will still have my own boat that is custom outfitted for the week and break even on it all.

I am with you on the cross cultural aspect of not bringing a boat and using public transport. Costa Ricans are cool it would be great to get to know them better.

The link for the hotel will be great.

Any car companies that you guys have used in the past that have roof racks?

Carter.... bummer.... My wife is coming down for the first week so fat chance that I will be able to talk her into going to the mountains instead of the beach. The place I am staying at in Hermosa Beach is only $20 a night if you want to swing over that way....

Thanks for the river suggestion... I will look it up... any other suggestions? Good play or clean creeking?

thanks guys.
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I have boated in CR a few times and there are places in Turriabla to rent boats for significantly less than $270/week (i assume you got this price from costa rica rios who do have a great selection but charge way to much). I found that the going rate for boats down there was $20/day and if you rented one for a week i would imagine you could get one for $15/day. If you go to Hotel Interamericano and speak to Blanca (the owner) she can hook you up with everything you need from drivers to boats. You can get a driver for around $40/day to drop you off at put ins and pick you up at take outs. The best thing to do is just show up and haggle prices from down there, do not try to do anything from here or it will be much more expensive. When i was there a few months ago we were able to arrange everything within in a few hours. There are over a hundred rental boats in town between all the shops so i am sure you can find something you will like. Public transport is easy and quick so i would not rent a car either unless you want to spend a LOTS more money. Dragging a boat around CR would be a hassel. The best boating down there is in Panama but the logistic are more of a hassel. Have fun!
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costa rica

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