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Global river discharge - human-induced sediment load changes

Teams of INSTAAR and USGS scientists have analyzed data from more than 4,000 rivers around the world that indicate humans are having profound and conflicting effects on the amount of sediment carried by rivers to coastal areas, with consequences for marine life and pollution control. The report found that humans are stirring up much more sediment than expected, about 2.3 billion metric tons annually, through regionally diverse patterns of agriculture and other soil erosion activities. However, manmade reservoirs are simultaneously reducing the flux of sediment reaching the world's coasts by about 1.4 billion metric tons per year. The net sediment transfer from an individual river to the ocean can greatly affect sensitive coastal zones, including nutrient balances, pollution levels, harbor dredging, coastal fish farms and coral reefs, coastal wetlands, and seagrass communities.

read more from the source:

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No shit. I don't we needed a couple of researchers and untold amounts of money to tells us that.
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we should not touch the bottom of the river. And build more reservoirs.
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dams kill fish

Force may not need research and science to prove the facts to him, but the rest of the world relies upon scientific data to prove how human modification of major river systems is changing the global hydrological cycle.
I'm not in agreement that we should build more reservoirs.
Reservoirs heat up water and kill fish.
Dams are migration barriers to salmon and other anadramous fish, and fish matter!

Over 90% of the Snake River salmon are killed by the dams on their way to the ocean.
Either by the warm water in reservoirs, the turbines on the dams or the reservoir's warm water thriving predators.

(something to think about...)
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Kayaker, thanks for posting that info...interesting stuff.

I guess we could just put this scientific fact on top of all of the other very disturbing scientific facts, which all point to humanities impending doom. Then after we toss this fact in with the rest of the stack we can just pretend that the gigantic elephant isn't in the room and go on with life as if nothing is wrong.

Sad, BUT TRUE, eh??

Where do we start to make a difference?? Maybe October 5th is a good start.
Check out this website. This movement just posted a full page ad in the USA Today, and have hundreds of rallies scheduled worldwide. Make sure to attend your local rallies and spread the word.
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Let me get this straight, human activity is effecting the amount of sediment reaching the ocean which will have an impact on harbor dredging and coastal fish farms? Aren't these also human activities? It would be interesting to know who did this study and who funded it.
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Probably funded by the legal/political/media conglomerate expecting to scare the daylights out of everyone to increase funding-the same as blaming the current warming trend on humans. Did you know in the 70's scientist swore that we we entering an ice age...almost laughable now!
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