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full face helmets

I am looking for a full face helmet and I am willing to spend any where from 200 to 300 hundred buck maybe even more if needs be. and wondering if any of you creekers out there have any suggestions and if so where i might be able to purchase one. i would prefer purchasing one off a website but I will take any suggestions out there. thanks guys

and gals

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Durango, Colorado
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what? are you too good for your local shop?
Well I guess it's good we have a website then....

Don't have any in stock, but I know we can get any FNAs, Sweets, Shred Ready, WRSIs and Predators.

My recco would be either the FNA or the Sweet.

And I heard a rumour that if you give TonyM some rough man lovin he might even give you a deal
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who goes there

hey who is storm11 is this johny love. reveal your self, and no i am not to good for my local shop but i happen to be out of town in a part of the country where most people have never even heard of white water. what kind of man lovin and for what kind of deal.
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Durango, Colorado
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I sure as hell ain't no Floaty22... he'd be keeping word of TonyM's man lovin all to himself since he enjoys it so much...and now that he's a college grad, Johnny'll have plently of time for Tony's "Pickle Salad"

Seriously though, give him a call at the shop (1.800.4CORNERS). I'm sure we can ship sumthin to ya and since you're outta state, you're tax free.
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student, 4CRS
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dano the mano huh?
i hear you like to keep your mouth open when you jack-off haha !!!!!
ohh? this thread has to do with a helmet huh. dano the mano, what exactly is it your planning on protecting with a full-face, word on the street has it your as ugly as ever and have shit for brains!!!!
but what the hell i sell you mine for well .... lets say 350
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I picked up a Sweet from CKS during their sale in Aug and it's..well, pretty sweet. I know people who picked up the snowsports version (basically the same but with a goggle loop) and they're using it for double duty.
I hope in the future Americans are thought of as a warlike, vicious people, because I bet a lot of high schools would pick "Americans" as their mascot. -Jack Handy
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d-town crew

man i thought the d-town crew was a cool group of guys buy ya all sound like you enjoy a little to much man lovin. all i wanted was some helmet advice and every one just wants to talk man love. mostly jonny love though
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I'll Give you Punks Baseball Bat Lovin'

Hey Dano, Sure enough smack talk when all ya wanted was a little direction. I'll deal with the kids later. Here is what I know. Sweet does indeed make a very nice full face that we are stocking in 08, it comes in 2 shell sizes, either red, white or black, and sells for $359. Predator is making a nice full carbon called the Six that sells for $239, comes in black or white, and looks really good, though I have only seen the prototype, we will be getting those in 3/1/08. Then, both WRSI and Shred Ready are going to have a full face, I have not seen the final product yet but we are planning on selling those as well. They will be a plastic shell with removable face guard and will sell for $100-$180. I too am going to make the move to a full face this season and am undecided which one to go with though I am leaning toward the Sweet or Predator. Drop in and check em out, bring your girlfriend in for a discount.
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-Hey there stormy weather. I ain't out the asian "bush" yet.
-As for the underground pickle salad market, I think that's been cornered on ebay. Listed under "Christmas BMX bicycle" or "Small ride for children". HA!
-Oh yea TM, I roosted it up today on a four hour by the lower Bolan meadows. I talked to the san juan sasquatch, he wants to know why you don't call him anymore? He wants to give you a unicorn T-shirt for christmas.
-Yea, Dano, leave it to Matt to start some shit huh?. But while the water is solid, might as well. Hopefully this snowpack continues...Johnny
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I have an FNA x-stream full face helmet. I think the FNA's are great helmets. Well tested and bomber.

The sweet helmet appears to have upped the ante by fixing a few of the minor problems with the FNA, namely holes for hearing by the ears and holes for you voice to be heard by the mouth. While the sweet is the most expensive, its also nice and has the most bells and whistles.

I haven't seen the WRSI model, but they come in much cheaper and the impact foam designs that they have are attractive as well. Probably worth a look.

So... FNA... old reliable. Sweet... expensive and fancy. WRSI... bargain.

All should keep your teeth in you mouth where they belong.
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