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Fort Collins, Colorado
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Ft. Collins Play Park

I was wondering if anyone had an update on the Ft. Collins water park? I searched old posts and noticed what looked to be a darn good time with alot of fine fundraising back in May. I am new to the area and was just interested where this might be. Any info would be much appreciated.

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They have been trying to put a fort collins whitewater park together for like 10 years now! I think Matt Evans of the mountainshop is heading it off. The water park has been appoved by the city and its site has already been established. If there ever is one it will be where college crosses the pourdre. It looks like a great location and the city has been doing some bank and vegitation renovations there for a while now. Last may the mountain shop started to create alot of hype about the new park and began many fundraisers for it, a couple of which a drunkenly attended. The mountain shop preached to all of us that construction was going to start on it in the fall of 05, and that plans were being drawn up. Then they were denied for GOCO grant( i think that is what it is called), which was major set back. But they did raise a significant amount of public dollar( 50 g's was the last number I heard, but I dont know how relyable that source was) and as to where that money is now or what they have done with it is unknown. Now they are very reluctant to say how much money they have raised and when the park is going to get underway, I even email matt evens himself tring to get support for a CSU kayak team. It really pisses me off that they have been getting all this money and gaining alot of momentum though last season and now... Well who the f#@k knows! If I was you I wouldnt count on a park being there anytime soon, due to the lack of support and dedication to the project. If anyone knows anything else please fill us in. Dont mean to bash the mountain shop but I would like to know what you have done with my $$$$$.
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way outta the loop on this one, but don't fret too much. Hope for the best. as in most big scale constuction projects, much time and $$$ are spent on brainstorming, and getting the right team together. I would like to think they arn't spending your $$ on shots.

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Last I heard is they are doing environmental accessments on the area where the park will be. How long that will take - who knows. Some constructions projects it's taken 3 years or 3 month's. It takes a while to decide where the best location for the bar will be.
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Because the GOCO grant was denied, the project lost some of its direction. There had to be new plans of either raising more money or ony creating one feature. Which are being worked thorugh The efforts of the people involved have not died, but with a project like this, the politics involved delay many things. Like you said this has been going on for a very long time. When I worked at the Mountain Shop in 98 we were working very hard to get this going. Rest assured, the money is not being spent on beer and strippers.

Well, actually we took your $10 you donated and bought a dime bag. thanks dude.
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Let's not forget that sometimes only one feature is great. I'd trade every whitewater park in Denver for the single feature at Buena Vista.

Also, that one feature is probably more than enough to prove that the development of a wwp would be worthwhile. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that having one feature helped BV secure the GOCO grant for there park, all because of proven use from their single feature.

I say build one feature, and go from there.
Kyle McCutchen
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Yo JJ,
Where's that dime bag at!
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it was either Matt and Dan or 'Lotsawater' who ran away with it? But I think Matt and Dan are pretty clean dudes. Lotsawater on the other hand.... dirty as a flash flood
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I would be proud to hear that my money is being spent on shots. We all know that the type of people on the river and on the Buzz often do their best work while under the influence. Chances are the results will be better if they spend 90% of their money on getting it done 10% of their funds on alcohol than if they just keep their noses to the grindstone the whole time.

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