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Freaky River Stories...

After reading the threads about the "weird happenings at Cisco", it brought back memories of a freaky occurrence I had one time...

Some friends and I were camped at the take-out down at the Gunny Pleasure Park. I was sleeping in the back of my truck and my two friends were in a small tent next to me.

Around 2:30 or 3 am I was awoken by the sound of a large diesel truck idling next to me. The front of the truck was about a foot away from my friend's tent with the headlights shining in it.

Next thing I knew I heard the door of the truck open and a guy started yelling at the tent, "You're in my spot!, You're in my spot...." My friend got out of the tent and tried to talk the guy down..."No problem, we can move the tent..."

While the wasted/weird guy was going on and on like a broken record, his hyped up (methed or cracked up) girl was yelling hysterically, "Get the gun, get the mother fucking gun- we're gonna shoot you, we're gonna kill your asses!!!"

My friend remained calm and I was still undetected in my truck. All I had was a baseball bat and some pepper spray but I was thinking of how I could quickly get out of my truck and surprise the guy if I needed to.

After what seemed like about 25 minutes, the strange couple pulled their truck over across from us and parked it. Then, they wondered off into the willows and pulled out a small canoe. They paddled the canoe across the river and then we heard another vehicle start up. They'd gotten into another truck and then they drove off into the hills.

The guy or enraged chick never did pull a gun, but it made me think- wow, it might have been good for us to have one. This was back around 2000, but the Pleasure Park is still a pretty weird place.

The next day, we drove to the chukar trail head, drug our kayaks down the trail and had a great day on the river. -never did see the freaky people from the night before.....

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I had about the same scenario in Moab. Me and a girlfriend, no gun and a couple of old drunks.
Now especially with kids to look out for, I usually like to have both bear spray and a pistol or my little 3030 along.
I sort of figure that the qualifier for needing a weapon is if the camp can be accessed by road.
"You're gonna be doin a lot of doobie rolling when youre LIVIN IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER"
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don't bogart that
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Moab Daily, Warning Carping

Last year we decided to take a September trip down the Moab Daily. We float down from Hittle bottom, only to arrive at the onion sites to hear the mating call of the drunk......whO DE whOooO. I knew we were in trouble!!! They were in the first camp site and our group took the second. As we passed and waved we noticed that they has a cat with a motor. Awesome!!! Well we got set up and started dinner shooed off their dogs from our camp while they shot fire works and used the cat with a motor to "SURF" in onion. A boat with a motor in the only wave on the river with a guy that can barely sit up, defiantly, will keep others out of the surf. What ever, we blow it off, have a party, burn down the desert SO next morning, we have a nice long breakfast and let them get way ahead of us, Have a nice float, do the wine tasting and visit the film museum, Hell, had lunch at the winery, Just have a beautiful day-----------Until------The Take out_________ We get to sandy beach and their they are. Trying to figure out shuttle?????? But why not get smashed on the ramp and block all six bays. The commercial guides are so appalled they are unloading the custys and getting them away from the ramp, then full carry from the water around these folks to their trailers. Total BS!!!! Of course we in the kayaks arrive first and have to deal with where we are going to land the three rafts. In all fairness, I believe this shocked even his own group as they were apologetic. Motor Boy comes up when we land our first raft, red face drunk, and proceeds to yell at us that they have trailers coming and we need to clear the ramp, He is an apparent aggressive drunk with mommy issues, may be Daddy issues and maybe some priest issues as well, who knows. He is pretty messed up and looking for a fight. His group sees this and evacuates him to a truck cab. They were still there when we finally got quickly loaded and out of there. I believe this was an isolated event, and it showed me that sometimes the groover is not the largest sh!t Bag
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In the past we loved hiking & camping in santa fe national forest outside la cueva nm in the Jemez mountains. In two separate occasions we shared the hot pools and primitive camping area with Joseph Henry Brugess, unknown to us the "cookie bandit" who had a reputation for killing young unwed couples in the wilderness. At this time we where a young unwed couple in the wilderness, unaware of who we where dealing with. After hearing of our hike of several miles to the spring, he told us of a hikers trail/short cut that bypassed a seasonal road closure and excellent dispersed camping area near the canyon rim. The following season we returned to the area and set camp near the canyon rim and not to far from the short cut trail down to the valley. One night there our dog refused to enter the tent (very odd) and stood guard, barking on and off until early morning when we stumbled down the trail and into the spring. After several hours soaking and hiking around, we returned to camp to discover our cooler and pick up had been ransacked. Nearly every piece of food and all beverages where taken, but our guitar, gear, and personal belongs where left alone. It's a long way to resupply in this remote area, so we simply moved on. Several weeks later, we heard on the news of a police shoot out in the Jemez. The long hunted fugitive was caught by surprise in a strange-set up blot by local sheriffs and after killing one officer was shot dead by another. Really bizarre details surfaced after his capture, including several missing hikers in the area, hippie communes and liberal use of LSD. Read more about the cookie bandit at this link...

Da Flikkers: 'Cookie Bandit' Joseph Henry Burgess
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