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Food sreadsheet?

I'm sure someone out there has worked on this in-depth, but I can't seem to find any information in the Buzz search tool. What I'm looking for is an overnight food planning spreadsheet that offers menu options and the ability to quickly calculate the ingredients needed for each meal. I'm specifically interested in a spreadsheet that allows me to do this for multi-days.

I worked once for a company in Idaho (ROW) that had a pretty slick way of doing this, so I know there must be something similar out there somewhere. Thanks for your help!

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I'm sure others will have better options but you could always use allrecipes or epicurious.
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Try the google

On the other hand, I once planned food for a 16-day Grand trip that went something like this:
Hot and cold cereal
bagels and cream cheese
lunch meat/cheese
apples and oranges
candy bars
Dinner: (4 dinners done in rotation)
Oriental Stir-fry
Pasta w/ red sauce/pesto
Brats w/ potatoes
And everyone brought their own snack food.
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1/2 cup serving per person is pretty standard.
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search "cheat sheet"
there is a menu in excel spreadsheet format I posted. even took into account ice running out...

or follow this link
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here is what i use. it has evolved over the years. i like it cuz i can print it off and fill it in by hand. when i up date it on the computer i can share it with others in the party. play with it, tweak it to fit you're needs. i find making lists helps me stay organized.

sorry, wont let me attatch, something about my file being an invalid. feel free to e-mail me and i'll sent it to you, it's a simple microsoft excel spread sheet that i designed to help keep me organized and able to share my progress with my boating buddies.
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Breakfast is easy to calc.

Lunch - for sandwiches - 4-6 people per 1b. of lunchmeat plus 4-6 people per 1/4 lb. of chz. 3 slices bread per person. If you want more friends, precook some bacon.

Dinner - I cook off river. Just heat on river. Portion like you are having folks over for dinner. My sig dish is chicken/eggplant/meatball/sausage parm. Take 9x13 foil trays, make it, foil it, vac it. Put it on the grill at camp for 20-30 min. done. 1 tray per 3 people. Just did the salt. 10 chic breasts and 2 eggplants feed 9 people well.

Mr. and Mrs. Dingle did lasagna in ind vac seal packs and just boiled em up and served. Plates optional. 4x4 to 5x5 sqaure 2" thick. Only some folks had 2nds. Good shit.

Some bread and bag salad and you are done there.

I always cook for 1.5x the number of group members for 2nds, big guys etc.

Vac seal is king for preprep and not wasting/washing.

We also spread meals between people. Ususally group 2 folks together and have them take x days. Usually start days with dinner and go through lunch. That way that group "owns" the kitchen for the day. Bring your own plates or paper.

2c. no spreadsheet.
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