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Fort Collins, Colorado
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Fly fisherman vs kayakers/boaters

I am really getting tired of rude comments from Fly Fishermen as we pass by in our Kayaks! It would really be nice if someone/somehow added an edicate on your fishing license or D.O.W. rules regarding kayaks/boats passing by fishing people!

As a fishing person, I have always felt that kayakers/boats should pass as close to me as possible on the river as the water nearest to me most likely will not have fish! I have been kayaking 20 years and this question comes up a lot with regard to where we as kayakers/boaters should pass by people fishing from the shore.

One time in Idaho on the little Salmon we actually had Fly Fishermen casting at us with hooks!

Am I missing something somewhere that this might already be stated somewhere in Regs?

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I kayak DH.
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just like how skiers didn't think boarders should be on the hill, or the xc types don't like sleds... people hate it when someone else is having more fun than them.

Etiquette & MANNERS are something that is no longer taught in this country... so don't expect it to get better.

btw, couple years ago a fisherman on the taylor hooked a rafter, if you ever see someone doing that... paddle up to them & explain that attempted assault is likely not fun to deal with in court. I had someone throw a muskie lure at me when wake-boarding once (we didn't poach their line, they came into ours & we were legal distance away) we went over & had a talk with them, pretty sure they didn't do that again. Some folks just don't think about the consequences. (I've got no desire to get hooked... that would be less than pleasant I'd think!)
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Park City, Utah
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It's been visited here before. As a fisherman, I have had boaters eddy out in the eddy I was landing a fish in. The stupidity goes both ways.

When I approach a fisherman from upstream, I ask where they want me to pass and attempt to float by without putting a paddle in the water.

The real answer is that conflict is constant amongst fishermen, so spill over to boaters is an unfortunate inevitability.
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I don’t think there are any regs, just etiquette. I would certainly not pass as close to someone as I could, ever, which may be part of the issue. If I’m fishing what I would like is for people to pass wherever they need to pass based on the river without crowding me if possible, but to do so as quietly as possible. Meaning, if it’s possible to drift by without oaring/rowing or disturbance that’s the best thing. Nobody likes their comfort bubble to get invaded so I’m not sure where that closest to them thing came from, in fact a lot of fly fishing is done very close in to where the person is fishing.

On the other hand, if the fisherman is fishing a river where river traffic is high they have to expect to deal with passer-bys. They choose to fish in a place like that. I think giving everyone their space if possible is the best route. There is plenty of river to share.
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Fort Collins, Colorado
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I totally agree with both responses, the problem lies when there is more than just one boat/yakker! There are times when we have 7-10 boats in a line-spaced out-or groups following groups! There are times that fisher people are in a narrow area where there is no way to go but down the gut! I try to just keep quiet and pass by, but it's getting really old and more people are carrying guns than ever! I really think that because boating and fishing have become so increasingly popular that some type of edicate is needed!
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Fort Collins, Colorado
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Thanks for the response: again, I agree totally! Maybe if all yakkers and boaters were fly fishing people we would understand the desires of each hobby! I guess until someday when this is addressed the best we can do is just as you have boaters leave as little of a footprint on the water as possible!.....cheers
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Evergreen, Colorado
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I fish, I float, I float-fish and I've never had an incident with a fisherman on shore. I find flyfisherman are generally great people. And I try like heck to give the shore fisherman PLENTY of space when I go by.

I've had a few issues with guided flyfishermen on boats, (dirty looks mostly) but it's usually the guides just being over-entitled d!ckheads...
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Denver, Colorado
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What is really getting old is the Us vs. Them mentality.

IMHO the idea you have where you should be passing close in on the fisherman is why you are getting hassled. Your logic may be sound, but it is being percieved as a violation of personal space. I know sometimes it is unavoidable, but to paddle into someone's "overcast" zone is going to make fisherman uncomfortable. If you can give as much space as possible, you might not even hear them yell at you.
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I agree pass on outside.
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Fort Collins, Colorado
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Let me clarify...this is not a negative post directed at fly fishing people! We are all trying to share the same water....there are DICKS in all sports!!!!!! I would simply like a uniform guidline as to how the boating public and fishing public can use the same water and share a mutual respect for eachothers use of that water! As a Yakker, I always allow rafts to float on by and then I resume boating....I have seen rafts run over yakkers, but it is usually because the yakker does not give way to the bigger, harder to control raft! As a airplane pilot we have rules regarding lighter than air aircraft (very limited control), small aircraft and commercial. We are required to give certain rights to certain aircraft! so again, I simply reiterate that a posted HOW to pass by fisherman on the river would make the day much more enjoyable for all!.........cheers
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