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Indian Hills, Colorado
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Fluid Solos?

anybody got anything to say about the solos? good or bad? your boat or a buddies? i wanna hear it all!

the large expedition has caught my eye with the hatch in the back. if anybody has used it before let me know what you think. does the neoprene then plastic cover do the trick?

if anybody has paddled the medium let me know. i am interested in that as well. just broke a rocker, 2 inch crack on the outside, 5 on the inside. just waiting for it to come all the way through.

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They're heavy. You're too weak to paddle one. Stick to those Jackson kiddie boats.
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Indian Hills, Colorado
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what size boat do you paddle? talk about kiddie!

broke the rocker yesterday...one year old! do you know anybody who paddles a solo? either a medium or large? need to get in one for a few days. i promise to take it easy on her...
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Commercial Paleontology
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Fluid Solo


I paddle a Lg Solo. I am 6'3" 215 lb 12 shoe. I have only had it since late last fall but it's certainly been on some runs... Top & upper Yough back East, Escalante, Ark/Granite thru the #'s & other easier local runs. So far it has been awesome!... I demoed 6 other creekers before buying the Solo. Obviously I felt it was the best boat for me. It's a little shorter than most of the others & is only 75 gals but it boats like a much bigger boat. It turns very well because it still has some slight chimes, it holds a line well, resurfaces without being squirely, it has good intial stability, it rolls easy, has alot of volume in the stern so it is difficult to stern squirt & nice for carrying gear. Fairly comfortable outfitting though the rachet system is on the floor of the boat in front of the seat which is not my preference but I have gotten use to it. Yes it is a little heavier than most other creekers but it is only a couple pounds at most if you compare specs. I am a big guy...All my gear weighs a bit more than the average persons..who gives a crap about a pound or two if the boat is going to hold up. Posts on Mtn Buzz & Boatertalk all show that Fluids rarely break. I'll be glad to tuff out the little bit of weight for a solid boat.

Issues: The company is in a state of transition & some dealers have been having trouble getting there boats. So I can't say for sure but customer service could lack if needed. Though it does roll easy; I did initially find I would get lost/disoriented when upsidedown because of all the volume in the stern and had to regroup a little on my roll because I paddle Jackson boats which are so forgiving roll wise....but that's my problem, not the boats. As far as the expedition w/ hatch..I talked to a number of people about it. Personally I want as few holes in my boat as possible....it's just one more place to leak...but that's me.... If you are going to be doing a lot of multi day or maybe a lot of photography it's great to have the access. But it is another possible failure point & all folks I talked to said at some point they had an issue with leakage or blowing the hatch in a nasty hole.....but...they also admitted it was probably pilot error..so take it for what it's worth. Hope this helps. Have a great season
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I've got a buddy who paddles it (M, I think). I'll see if I can get ahold of him. Alpenglow is a Fluid dealer. Not sure if they have any Solo demos or not.
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Idaho Falls, Colorado
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Demo at Alpenglow

I work at Alpenglow, and while we've been getting the run around about where exactly the shipment for this year is, we do have a L Solo for demo. I believe our retail shipment includes a M and L, no expeditions. Hope that helps you make your decision.

When it comes to paddling, there's a difference between what you think it's going to be like, what it's really like, and what you tell your friends it was like.
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Indian Hills, Colorado
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ok. back on the fluid thing. anybody paddle a large or medium solo? i am 5'11" 175, kinda between the sizes. the medium seems short. but both are a bit wider than most boats so they can carry more weight but the length of the medium seems a bit to short. the large on the other hand is a better length for a creeker but the weight range is pretty high, which means a person at my size will probably sit pretty high in the water. they are already heavy so i would hate to have to add "weight" to get this thing to paddle better.

any constructive suggestions would be appreciated.
Jace Crane
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I am a little dude, 5'6" 140 and i got a small one for leisurely riverrunning/teaching/low volume creeks etc...and my feet fit so poorly and tight that I just ended up giving it to my paps. so my advice is go with the larger size since they are cut smaller than most other creek boats. but themshits is tough boats
boof to live
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My name is Gavin Rains and I am the USA representative. I am sorry if any of you all have had any trouble with my customer service, but I can assure you that all shipments have gone out in a timely manor for the last 6 months. This is when we actually got boats in the USA and ready to ship. The only time that we have had any delays shipping is when there was an issue with the account. Right now we have hundreds of boats in stock and ready to ship to our dealers. Please get in touch with me if you ever have any problems with Fluid Kayaks. Thanks for your interest and let me know I can help you with anything. Thanks,

[email protected]
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jace does it really matter what boat you swim out of?
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