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Famous 'buzzards' THROTTLED on Big South


well, not really. They mostly had good lines.

Anyway, check out some sweet pics of these renowned CO paddlers and Mountainbuzzers on The Big South -> The Colorado Kayak Chronicle

I also have some slide shows and sequences of some good lines and a video that will be posting early next week.

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as always, great, great stuff....keep em coming!
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That slideshow was classic! Nice work... keep em coming. Dropping double trouble backwards after a roll has got to leave some skid marks in the shorts...
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sure was fun to sit and watch! there must have been 30 -40 ppl from Cool World to Slideways. Way to many ppl.

Anyone for sunday?

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This should be a good lesson for all the first timers running the Little North! If you are going to run saftey at double trouble, there are a couple of rules (they apply other places however I've seen more people get worked here than anywhere else).

1st: If the person is going to swim out of the hole at the bottom you need to be patient as a bagger. Do not throw the bag when they are going back into the hole, wait until they flush and time it right so that the bag gets there exactly when they start to resurface. When Dan pulled in those shots from double trouble, on film you can see when the first bag is thrown Dan was not making Eye Contact, and obviously going for another ride... The bagger should have waited.

2: Have two ropes for this reason down in that eddy, not really two people but two ropes will save somebody. The second bagger on this particular swim fully blew it and was directly responsible for Dan going through two more cycles. The first bagger was way too early and the second had his thumb up his arse and threw it when Dan wasn't even visible. I would have had some words with that fella if I was Dan. Now Dan is swimming and has two ropes in the hole with him, a boat and a paddle, that's not good.

3. There is a second "wall" in the water after the hole from Double Trouble about 5 feet from the hole that you can see. This is where people "hang out" if they are not swimming back into the hole to go deep. So you have about a 5 foot gap and 2 seconds to get the rope there in time. Granted it helps if the simmer and the bagger are on the same page about when to throw, and when to look for the rope. And obviously if you are trying to get anywhere, get left or deep.

In conclusion this rant is brought to you by countless swimmers that get trashed because of an unexperience bagger at Double Trouble. I have run the Little North about 25 times and I've seen about 20 swimmers at Double Trouble, myself included into those numbers. I have seen more often than not, the baggers blow it and the swimmer go for another lap or 4.

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Agreed. Inexperienced baggers lookout! It's like playing catch, don't throw it when their not lookin. Pretty obvious.
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just a thought, but maybe some of the 20 to 30 paddlers out there on the LNF should try to make better decisons about the drops that they run and the drops that maybe they should walk. I guess that you boy's up there like to practice running and swimming the hair on BS, y'all a way better swimmers then me.
thanks for the great day.
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You probably had a pretty good veiw from the shore.. . aren't your legs tired from all that walking?

ps. We're heading to Bailey tonight and tomorrow morning, and then we are heading down to Lake creek. You should join us for a good ol' fashion Ice Cream Game. Private Brown just called and said he might be making the trip. Plus I still owe you some Flip Flops.
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well, well, well very good points lotsawater. i take your advice can only come from your extensive experience being seperated from your vessel but i digress.

safety at big drops and especially powerful hydraulics is important and if you don't know what your doing i would recomend not even trying to help as you could be giving the paddler a false sense of security when he/she is really on their own if the shit goes down (you know like a virgin on prom night).

when i set up below a big drop i like to communicate to everyone setting safety as far as who throws first, second, third, etc...and also when to through before the paddler goes. i also like to know ahead of time who is willing to be live-baited if the shit really goes down and have that person ready to go. before throwing a rope make sure the paddler actually wants help especially if they are surfing a hole as sometimes the best plan of action is to let them work themselves out. next if the paddler swims or wants help while in their boat you want to eye contact before throwing. when throwing i like to aim right at their helmet thinking i'm going to hit them between the eyes as you usually don't get to many chances to hit someone.

i've only run the BS a few times but would agree that DT is one of the more serious drops on that run (kind of like california class III) and if you decide to run it the best plan is to stomp the shit out of it but if that doesn't happen you had better hope your crew knows their stuff or the meaning maytagged will take on a whole new meaning.
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South Lander...

You could not be more spot on about Mr Lotsa(insert here).

As you will see from this picture here. DT has provided Lotsa with plenty of what NOT to do when enjoying a getting wet in the ol' swimming hole at the bottom.

I for one have not run DT. I am not sure many people really should. That is the type of hole that will kill someone, and in my opinion should never be run without extensive safety. Each time I have run BS it's been in crews of three and in my opinion that ain't enough. But if you are going to... hope to god that it doesn't look like Lotsa's attempt here.
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