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Extreme Tubing?

This weekend we say a group of tubers with wet suites, helmets, PFD's and even throw ropes. Since 99.9 % of tubers have none of the above mentioned gear, I decided to go over to them and compliment them on their sense of safety. That is when they told me that just got back from Tubing black rock to Rigor, including rigor!

Ok, first, did anyone see this? If so, please describe because I just can't even phathom someone tubing Rigor at 500 cfs.

Second, this makes me feel a little bit like a puss-y, I still haven't paddled that section of Clear Creek and thinking about Rigor makes me nervous. Apparently, these guys cleaned it in an innertube.

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I don't know anything about this crew, but early season we ran into a guy in a farmer john and a nice inner tube who was surfing some waves at confluence. He claimed he'd ran black rock last year and was training for Bailey this year.

I for one think these tubers are giving kayakers a bad name. I was surfing in clear creek last night. I'm pretty sure after checking out a few of my side surfs and stern squirts, the guy sitting on the rocks watching me was reading my mind: "That guy is a BAD ASS".

But if these tubers keep running the knar, gawkers are going to think us kayakers are just a bunch of over-geared toolbags on a float trip. Sharpen your knives and let's put a stop to this.
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pnw, Colorado
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Saw two geared up tubers getting ready to run Siedels yesterday. Could be a trend.
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Cherry Creek


I saw your thread about tubing...thought I would share this. If you scroll through you can see this guy Travis run every drop at Cherry Creek on the Upper Tuolumne in Cali from the confluence to Lumsdon Falls.
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Not that I care to tube Rigor, but I'd rather do that than a creek. Tubing a steep creek is a bad idea. Frequent swimming + feet dangling + shallow river = pain and/or foot entrapment. But, then again, a couple of years ago when I said Bailey wouldn't make a good raft run, I was buried in flames from guys who had done it more than once. fwiw
Join up, suckas.

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I happened to be coming down the canyon on Saturday when I saw these idiots scouting Rig. Now normally I would just shake my head and continue on with my day, but the thought of taking a tube thru rig was enough to get me to stop the car grab the throwbag and watch the horror. A couple of other boaters had stopped to watch in disbelief as one of these idiots scouted the drop from river left then plopped down on his tube. As soon as he hit the first hole on top he flipped and flushed, which then sent him into the main hole for a good thrashing(45 seconds) before he was spit out right next to his tube which he climbed up on to celebrate his successful run. By the way he was not wearing a PFD, just a helmet and a wetsuit, and googles. I guess this is just natural selection at work.
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tubers can suck it.

clueless wanks and i'm tired of pulling the effing dipshits into my raft to save their worthless asses . The only pleasure for me is cussing them out at close range....
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I saw some geared up tubers on lefthand a couple weeks back,probably the same crew.It would be interesting to know ,to what extent they understand the dynamics and dangers of the river.If they do have a clue , then I guess it's a calculated risk like any other adrenaline sport.It seems you don't have much control,and the margin for error is mostly dumb luck.Sooner or later their luck is likely to run out,worse other boneheads may be inspired to give it a shot,YIKES!Also,it doesn't take as much balls to do something dangerous,if your'e clueless as to the risks.
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I hope more of those war-monger texan-loving folks take up tubing before the next election. Maybe we could start selling W'08 low-volume tubes to help get the ball rolling!
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pnw, Colorado
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Uh, DanOrion....we have term limits so the W curse is over unless of course he and FOTF get enough judicial appointments in office to change the law.
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