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Here is the deal on Paralyzer. There was a log at the bottom/exit of the Paralyzer all the way across the river and this log was above the level of the water.

It has since moved to about 8” under the water (at 3.5ft) and very hard/IMPOSSIBLE to see from a scout at the top of the rapid. DO NOT RUN THE PARALYZER. A run could likely end in disaster!

If anyone knows boaters/creekers who are coming up for FIBARK please spread the word.

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When the H2O drops...I'll be happy to work on getting that tree out...
I made the First & only raft descent and "named" the "Paralyzer"(As well as most of the other rapids). I have removed wood on Lake Creek since I started running it in 1985 and every year since and feel like it is my little personal project. When it gets low enough.anybody that wants to help get it out, (if it is still there)..contact me...via reply..everybody have fun and stay alive...!
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I was up there after Redneck and it is very deceiving. It looks good to go but that log is lurking about 8" under the water. You really can't see it!!

Also, be very careful of rapidly changing flows!!!! It changes at the drop of a hat. It happened last night to us. I got the biggest beat down of my life because of it!

Be Careful!!!!
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Clay called me yesterday and told me that he was going to go in and try to get it out.... this was around 4pm yesterday? He is in the BV area through FIBARK, if you see him ask him if he was successful.
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A slight correction to the above post. The right line/exit of the entire drop is where the log is, and it would be DEADLY. However, the meat line on river left is good to go as long as you hit the eddy and get out of the river below the 10 foot boof. The meat line of Paralyzer can still be run, but the move cannot be blown. The right side, as said above would likely kill you, as well as the runout of the meat (same log).

Despite the log the run is still sweet!

Craw, he wasn't succesful, since we were there until dark last night. LSB this Thursday? SSV?
Kyle McCutchen
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Cutch is right you can still run the left and take out before the log if you run the left. The right line is out. This (left) line is not for me but others can make it work for sure.

Also I have seen the video of that raft run and whoever you are you are my hero - you gotta be old school Twin Lakes – you guys knew how to raft! If that log does not get out of there by low water I will get in touch and we can get it out. There has been talk of another raft run and I would love to talk with you and hear your thoughts.

On the right Boof at the bottom of NIMBY there are 2 logs that will come out easily with 5-6 people and we may try and get those out during next week. A Z-drag can be set from the island and with enough people it will come out. Just for those who don’t know NIMBY is still a fun run but the logs force a hard slot mov rather than a great safe 8’ boof.

Finally just above the old toaster and in the toaster there are 4-5 river wide logs that if removed would eliminate the portage there. Like I said mid week next week we are going to try and rally a crew to do some cleanin. If anyone wants to join let me know.
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Log at Paralyzer

Not hoping to get flamed here, but that is my parent's place overlooking the Paralyzer and Motherload (rapid above). My brothers and I haul out the wood every summer that gets choked in between these rapids, using chain saws and in other means necessary. We have pulled in excess of 2 cords of wood the past two summers. I tried pulling the log at Paralyzer out with cum-alongs and chains on Memorial Day and it wouldn't even budge. The only way this is going to come out with water near the level of the log is by cutting, and that would seem to be a pretty nasty environment when the water is high. I might be going up this weekend again, and will give it another shot.

For everyone's info, in case anyone cares, my parents don't mind kayakers on the land what-so-ever as long as they respect the land. I have yet to meet a kayaker who doesn't respect the land, so no worries. I know there are some NIMBY's up the river, but these falls will never be like that. We are looking at putting some better steps made out of rock some day in the future.

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cheers to your folks! I have had people wave and watch from the deck of the house while running the paralyzer and thought that they are generous landowners for letting creekers scout from their property.

off topic - back when Lake Creek was running sooo big and washed out the road how loud was the rapid from the house? could you sleep without earplugs? Any pics?

thanks for all the wood removal!
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I have big saws, big winches, and lots of big chain if we can get anywhere close w/ a truck or bobcat.
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Yeah my parents have many pictures of kayakers going down the rapids. They like watching and have always found the kayakers in the area to be good people. I'm sure if you ever need an extra safety person, or someone to take photos/video, my dad would love to help.

And I wasn't up there when the road got washed out. I was up there last year when the flow got up above 2000 CFS, and the sound was deafening near the rapids. My parents have 4 dogs, and two of them are yappers, so I always open the windows at night, to drown out the dogs. On an unrelated note, my dog (yellow lab) accidently did the Paralyzer last year at about 500 CFS. He was under for about 20 seconds until he finally washed out downstream. He was scared for about an hour of the water, but was then swimming in the eddy between the rapids the next day. Gotta luv labs.

If would be a really long run with a chain or cable with nasty angles to get to the log from the nearest road / path. And you definitely couldn't get a bobcat or anything down there, as the paths are nasty. That log is probably a foot diameter and 12 foot across. So when the water is hitting, there is a lot of force up against it. And the worse part is that both of the log ends are in pockets of rock. So you can't just barely pivot one of the ends to free it up. So there are two solutions, cutting it, but at it's position with respect to somewhere to stand, that would be pretty tough, or wait till the water goes down a little bit and try to cum-along it out. I guess you could put someone in a harness and lower them down with a saw.

If someone is going to get serious about removal of the log, please let me know.

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