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I have a good friend who is hopelessly uninformed.

No matter what I tell him he compares our sport of paddling to competitive jump rope or speed roller skating. (A sport he used to compete in as a child by the way) He thinks whitewater kayaking is a joke. Referring to it as just another "dorky" sport that no one participates in. Other comparisons he's made are to Nascar, and that it's geeky to paddle a boat over rough water. I find this bickering just infuriating. As I hope you will as well. No matter how much I try to explain he just won't listen. The name rivernick came from years of obbsessive love for our sport. I used to push rubber for Timberline, instructed for confluence, guided in Costa Rica, safety boater in NZ etc. But now I live in San Diego where there are no rivers and he won't listen to me! But maybe he'll listen to all of you. Please keep any responses as unbiased and informative as possible but also feel free to make fun of him if, scratch that, when he begins to reply to this string. Any stories are welcome that make this large craniumed goof respect our sport. PADDLERS PLEASE HELP. Thanks............

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I don't get it. What doesn't he respect about the sport? I mean, it's not like bowling or golf where you can be a couch potato and still be good at it. Just sit him down to watch some kayak porn. If watching guys run big water and steep creeks doesn't show him what it's all about, nothing will.

just another "dorky" sport that no one participates in
That might be the whole problem right there though. If something isn't popular, how does that make it dorky? Makes me think of the guys I used to work with who played on the company softball teams. Watching a bunch of balding, overweight corporate flunkies haul their asses around a baseball field is pure entertainment. Are they less dorky than someone who spends their time boating instead? Bah, who cares anyway as long as you're having a good time?

btw, I have nothing against bowling or golf. I play both, they just don't fit under my definition of sport.[/quote]
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ummm and NASCAR fits in how?

Ok.. I'm in a mood to flame, my deveopers pissed in me cornflakes this morning.

So how does this pansy/candy-a$$ed bonehead think that whitewater kayaking is akin to NASCAR? I really want to know WTF I have in common with a gearhead/driver whose only real exercise is that of pushing their right-foot down on the go faster peddle, whilst occasionally exercising the left on the clutch.

Seriously dude... you need to find better friends
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...and I'd like my father to vote Kerry!

as we become more feeble and our minds start to falter we begin to realize that differences--many of them quite stark--are what typify humanity. Along that road it becomes obvious that it is impossible to force a change on others perspectives, especially those that aren't open to it, and especially those that really know how to yank your chain. If someone is close minded what are you going to do? Ignore them and let it go--if there is something redeeming about the friendship. Or let this guy go and blend in with the other folks that walk down the street, having a fine conversation with themselves, oblivious to the world going on around them.

I should probably also ask you all to write my father and tell him all the whacked things dubbya does... don't think that would help either. Fortunately, he and I realize that there is some redeemng things going between us and no longer even bother to discuss the politic thing.

Maybe you should consider moving somewhere you can paddle and hang out with folks that like to talk about paddling. Let this guy go watch NASCAR on TV indoors on Sundays.

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All the lame sea kayakers down in San Diego are to blame. Paddling around in their cute little sit on top kayaks. No wonder he thinks the sport is lame, I would too if that's all I ever saw. Open his eyes to some good creeking videos. Then, slap him like his momma used to!
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I think your friend is pulling your leg... and is obviously doing a good job. Looks like he suckered all of the buzzards too.
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Has your buddy gone through puberty yet?
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this is some good entertainment. thanks for the laughs
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So, according to you "friend" what sports are cool enough to be a part of. I think we could find out a lot about this person if we knew this. Why is it dorky? Because you should wear a helmet? These comments by your friend seem un founded and ignorant.

Take him on a raft rip on some class III and IV rivers in cali. I think once he realizes thet Kayaking takes more skill and can be more fun than rafting he will change his tune.

But it has been said before this guy is probably just trying to argue for the sake of arguing. He is an idiot and you are an idiot for taking him seriously.

If you have moved to SD you better be surfing.
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81230rivers I agree with you....

I agree with you. I'd like not only like to take him rafting but scare the crap out of him. If I had my way I'd like to take him on a commercial trip down Gore. I think that would change tune. BUT, I wonder if getting him to the river is ever realistic.
I am an idiot for taking him seriously but he is serious. I've known him for more than 12 years, we grew up together and now are roommates. He hasn't participated in any sport since high school football and before that he was a competitive speed rollerskater. We argue about this all the time.

To answer some of the other questions you've all had......
He doesn't respect the sport because he respects nothing.
He thinks it's like Nascar because Nascar drivers have a certain element of danger.
No, he has not completely finished puberty.
He believes that everyone thinks their sport is the "coolest, or the most challenging, or dangerous."
He says that no one paddles and it's still just playing in a boat over rough water. MMMMMMMM just thinking of his comments are driving me nuts!!!
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