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Ear Infections

Has anyone out there ever got an immediate ear infection from rivers or, for that matter, lakes? I seem to have contacted one within 24 hours after wakeboarding and cann't hear a damn thing out of my right ear. Tried 2 different ear drops already.

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I've had a few over the last few summers including one right now. Generally get them after boating, but then again I boat 70 days a summer. Painful as hell. Go to the doc, get the antibiotics and narcotics, take narcs, chuck antibiotics.
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They suck.......I get them multiple times over the course of a season. I've learned to keep a bottle of antibiotics from the doc. around all year. Easily avoidable, however........after every boating/swimming event, pour "swimmer's ear" (rubbing alcohol) in your ear. Dries up any water in there. After you have the infection......anti's are the only thing that will cure it. They work fast though!
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Probably just swimmers ear, but don't mess around. If you can't get it cleared up with swimmers drops from the drug store, go see the doc. I had what I thought was water in my ear last season, but it ended up putting me in the hospital. Antibiotics cleared it up, but I let it go way too long. Get it checked out if you aren't feeling better in a couple of days.
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I've had several of these and now am a religious Doc's ProPlugs user as a result. Even so, I usually drop some alcohol in there when I get back to the car.

My old doctor told me that one medical journal reported that an three-part equal mix of rubbing alcohol, vinegar and water (Vosol is I think what pharmacists call it) was shown to be as effective as antibiotics on outer ear infections. He said the vinegar alters the pH balance of the ear canal such that the bacteria can no longer grow. I didn't have alcohol on hand, so I have tried it with vinegar about 2-3 times a day and it has done the trick each time. You might try that if you can tolerate the discomfort you're in right now. But the antibiotic ear drops really did the trick for me when I was groaning in pain before I knew the vinegar idea.
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castle rock
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i am actually going to the doctors in a couple of minutes because of my ear. when i moved here and was on the rivers my left ear hurt, but drops would make it feel better. i just got back from a lake for 2 weeks waterskiing and now my right ear kills and rings and it sucks. better not take time off kayaking
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I will second the alcohol/vinegar concoction. I had something going on w/ my ear last season and this season again--my dad actually told me to mix a 50/50 mix of alcohol and vinegar, and I'll tell you, it works great--I use it everytime after boating now and it feels 100% better. Also, if you have a bottle of the sea spray nose moisture stuff kicking around, you can pop the top on that and remove the little straw inside that makes it spray, and voila, ready made ear dropper. Just BE SURE to mark it up really good--don't want anybody squirtin' THAt stuff up their nose!
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castle rock
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the doctor told me to use the 50/50 mix before and after kayaking or just being in the water. stuff works apparently
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