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Driftwood Concerns in GC

Hi Folks,

In the minutes of past GCPBA meetings with Park folks (Linda Jalbert, Mike McGinnis, and Steve Sullivan), we've mentioned the driftwood situation, and the concern about where this issue is going.

Here is a recent missive from Linda, which points out this is something of increasing concern.


"We've had more discussions with the River Rangers and Park Management on the fire use season and the lack of driftwood in the system. The March 2008 High Flow Experiment (HFE) was a primary cause of stripping the river corridor of driftwood in various reaches. We can confidently say that a majority of the driftwood that lay in the system prior to the HFE is gone. During the NPS monitoring trip in April, we noted an increase in tree damage at many camps -- in other words -- folks stripping trees in an effort to find dry firewood. THIS IS A PROBLEM.

Park staff are looking at options and will be doing some outreach to get feedback from private boaters and commercial guides on how we should address this problem. If anyone has any ideas on how we can handle the driftwood supply issue and continue to avoid resource damage, please let us know by commenting on this post or writing to [email protected]."

Thanks for listening.

Please, let's all work together to end this totally unacceptable activity, and forestall regulatory action by the Park.

Repeat after me -- Propane Campfire. Propane Campfire. Propane Campfire. (Shameless plug -- a very good propane campfire is available in the Store at gcpba.org)

Best to you all.

Rich Phillips

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If they got rid of that damn at the top, it would allow a lot more driftwood to flow into the canyon. There you go. Problem solved.
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Hi Count,

You're absolutely right of course. But I don't think that's in the immediate cards.

What I fear is that the irresponsible behavior of a tiny segment of the GC boating community is going to drive the Park to totally banning fires, requiring propane campfires and a minimum number of propane bottles for all cool and cold weather trips, or some such regulation. Because I think that may be where it's headed if this problem doesn't abate.


Rich Phillips
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