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Do you want to know????

I am wanting to hear all your thoughts on this "hypothetical" scenario.

You are forming a large multi day trip on a substantial river like the Middle Fork or The Grand, you get the idea of caliber of river. You post you need qualified boaters for the trip to lug gear. You get a response from a random person you don't know and unbeknownst to you they lie about their qualifications and experience. One of us boaters hears about this clear embellishment and is truly concerned for the groups gear, safety and over all tone of the trip. Would you want to know?

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no tengo
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yes you should know and you should kick em off for lying and jeopardizing safety. then again... i know more than one person who their first time rowing was the grand. I would mainly boot them for dishonesty not for lack of experience, because if you don't know about their lack of experience that can compromise safety cause you might expect them to handle a situation and they can't. if everyone was just up front then you can prepare.
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This would depend on the difficulty of the river. I have only been on a handful of multi days, but it seems like boater ability is taken into consideration when you are deciding how heavy to rig rafts and raft run order. If somebody is not a strong, experienced boater on a challenging river, the TL would take this into consideration when deciding what order to run the rapids in. For example, we did a high water Middle Fork trip last spring. We had our one of our strongest rafters in the front of the front and the other strong rafter behind the group.

I guess what I'm trying to say in a round about way is that dishonesty about experience/ability dimishes the trip leaders ability to plan accordingly and depending on the river, could be a safety issue. Pretty poor decision in my humble opinion...
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If I was the TL...hell yes i'd want to know and they'd get THE BOOT. Seriously....on big trips like that, there's just SOO much that can go wrong.

Ex. High water Middle this past spring. I happened to be one of the last oarsman added to the trip....only a couple peeps new of my experience. NO WAY in hell I would have embellished and put the rest of the group in jeopardy if shit were to hit the fan. We had five experienced oarsman...a few that have been down the Middle before (it was my virgin run though). TL leading, 3 in between, me sweeping. Carnage at Velvet....all three middle rafts had problems (2 flips, 1 dumptruck). Imagine if I had lied about my skillz and not been able to make that move. Our TL would have had 3 flipped rafts (potentially), and one without an oarsman (for a short time, he actually got back in his boat pretty damn quickly)!!! Still, that would have been A LOT to deal with and the probability of losing gear would have been much higher.
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