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Dirtbikes and Kayaking?!?

I've noticed a little interest down here in Costa Rica for combined motorcycle / kayak trips and am curious what some of you buzzers might think...

Basic concept: trailer bikes through urban jungles, mix shuttle with riding, hit up some classic whitewater, and maybe finish up with a trip to the beach.

I'll probably try an experimental 10 day trip of this nature with KLR's in March if anyone is interested in a spring warm-up. Any suggestions can be mailed to me at [email protected]

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Dirt bike throught the pristine rain forest, spraying untold amounts of oil and unburned gas, not to mention the eroded trails and noise. Then kayak down the rivers that you are destroying via polluting the groundwater with gas and oil.

Very green indeed, bah humbug
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Leadvillian, Colorado
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I wasn't going to dignify this with a reply, but I'm a glutton and couldn't resist.

There is nothing environmentally friendly about kayaking. It doesn't matter if you drive a hybrid, a dually, or a dirtbike you have to drive the section at least once if not twice to run your shuttle.

As members of the human race and inhabitants of planet earth we all have an impact. How much or how little is a continuous decision-making process we all enjoy.

Most dirtbikes, snow machines, and soon even lawnmowers are powered by 4-stroke motors that blow far less exhaust than the average automobile.

Like the majority of internet posts made in an argumentative and inflamed manner you have made a lot of assumptions. This trip is designed as a way for enthusiasts of both motorcycles and whitewater to merge their passions. By no means would that ever involve riding off-trail in sensitive ecological areas.

Perhaps I can suggest a warm glass of milk and a little catnap. If you are trying to start a long discourse on enviromental impact I suggest you pick a forum more suitable maybe http://www.shutthefuckup.com
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That's damage to existing trails, Mr. Foulmouth. Spatter mud everywhere and dig it up!!!!

Sounds Like I hit a nerve, go fire up your 2-stroke Snowmobile and enjoy.

BTW, my car could drive from here to Dallas TX and back and produce fewer Hydrocarbons than the average lawnmower.
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Golden, Colorado
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He got you man. He's just fucking with you, Matt J. Judging from his prior posts, I think he's not too worried about it.

I think you're trip sounds pretty cool. If my plane can take off tomorrow (see pic I just posted), I'm headed to Lima to rod a KLR650, get ruined at the ruins, and surf for 10 days.

Might I suggest that you split up a few days of boating with a rest day of riding. Also, if I was a candidate for the trip, I'd be psyched more on boating than dirtbiking, so I'd skew the majority of the trip towards that. Lots of off-season dirtbiking to do in the estados, not as much boating (in the oeste estados anyway).

. . .or we could give up all our progress of a thousand years, abandon medicine, heat, light and comfort. Probably die just trying to survive, and make everything ourselves out of wood and animal skins. Nah, I don't loathe myself that much yet.
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Whoa, TB.... either im smelling some sarcasm or your starting to sound like a liberal...... some one knock some sense into you? nah probably not
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My, my, what a big carbon footprint you have!! Almost as large as Al Gore's!!!
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Sounds like a great adventure package, Matt. I say go for it. Can't go wrong with a dirt bike shuttle.

Try to make it flexable enough, so when people don't feel like being on the water, they can be out dirt bike riding instead.
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Spits Hot Fire
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I smell cock.

Trout Bobber, did you burp?
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Dunno about that, but your flatulence is a major cause of global warming, FlowPorch. Not to mention your computer monitor's contribution to the burning of coal for electric power. Finally, your lack of Education clearly shows in your automatic resorting to profanity when making an insult.

Lotsa global warming in Denver right now, eh? :P

MattJ, since your company is dedicated to eco-touring as it states in your Mission:

Protecting the Environment
The love for nature, wild and free, is what started RainForest World and because of this love, protecting the environment is not only a goal for our company but a way of life. We strive on a daily basis to maintain a low impact lifestyle in our work and home. From company owned private rainforest reserves to creating an anti-dam river protection organization, RainForest World takes a leading role in the movement to defend the rivers and forests of Cost Rica and is always lending a hand to Mother Nature after all, without her, there would be no eco-tourism.
How does a noisy, polluting, trail damaging craft such as a dirt bike fit in with this?

Are there locally made dirt bikes? Costa Rican?

Working with the Locals
As a foreign adventure travel company, it is important to know and support the people of your host country. RainForest World is committed to maintaining a working relationship with the local communities of Costa Rica. When ever possible we buy local products such as our fleet of Costa Rican made APEX rafts. Our staff is 90% local or "Tico", as they call themselves and stems from Costa Rica's diverse culture of Indian and Spanish heritage. The RainForest World Pacuare Indian Camp is a joint venture between the Silvia Chavez family and our company. This Cabecar Indian family is a large part of the RainForest World design and they add a wonderful experience to our daily lives.
Hope the Cabecar's like gonad numbing, loud, smelly bikes rampaging through their forest.

Cheers, And we wonder why they call us "Ugly Americans"
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