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I don't know if anybody has read Kate's posts at the old board. If not then you should do so. There's plenty of trash that gets thrown around on this site and that's all fine and good, but this is a topic that matters to us all. I assume that a few of you out there are of voting age, so make sure you are registered and get in your licks to stop this thing. If all the paddlers and fisherman in this state go in and cast their one vote against, it will make a difference

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More info on the Da*m Referendum

Please take a minute or two to go to www.votenoona.com and check out reasons to not support the big dam bill. Also look at all the groups that oppose the referendum.

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Right On! NO ON A. Get your lazy butt to the polls!

Everybody rouse your lazy butts and find yoru way to a polling place in November. A is a scarry arse bill that serves the water interests in the state without setting any specific rules as to where and how the $4 Billion dollars of our money will be used. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Denver, Auora and Colorado Springs will be jockying for more water projectes (spelled DAMS).
We don't need any more dams in Colorado. We need more sensible water usage (let your lawn turn brown and title it "An expirament in water conservation and native plant growth in a suburban setting"), not more water storage.
Vote NO on A.
Thank you.
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I need to be educated here. I see the primary three rivers in Northern Colorado, Poudre, Colorado and Arkansas as all being enhanced by dams. They take the season that could be as little as two to three weeks long and stretch it out. While it may not go as big, it certainly helps comercial boating and keeps my hobie active longer.

I guess I'm not against setting aside money to enhance water storage, where I would be against many specific prodjects.

I would think we kayakers from a selfish prospective would like the storage to take place in select locations as high as possible. Thus allowing for maximum season down stream. Also allowing for the maintanance of minimum flows to protect fish populations.

A couple years ago a post on this site spoke about reverse pumping into aquifers as a means of water storage. This struck me as an awesome solution. No environmental impact and no loss due to evaporation. If anyone knows where there is more information on this subject I would love to see it.

Fill me in on why I'm misguided on the storage issue.

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pnw, Colorado
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I cant really say that the ARK season is extended by having the Pueblo reservoir, anyway the big question is where to store. If a reservoir of any circumstance is going to be around 5 or 6 miles long then that is 5 or 6 miles of river lost. We don't have that many rivers to lose at this point. My real problem with A is that after we approve the money, which will be the most debt the state has ever incurred, we get no say in what they will do with it. In my opinion if the Springs need more water then Pueblo res needs to be revamped and increase the size of it but I would like the opportunity to vote on it issue by issue.
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Rivers in this state would not run dry.
Think about all that water never being released.
The world's major source of fresh water is rain, dams reduce a rivers surface area and prevent evaporation causing rain fall to decrease. Low snow packs and drought have been our states latest problem. Bigger snow pack means rivers run all year.
The colorado river doesn't even reach its natural destination any more because of dams and unnatural irrigation systems.
Dams due irreversable damage to the environment.
Private water rights would be supported by our tax money.
The fish population in this state has become almost completely non-native and dams prevent natural spawning and other migration of fish.
Water is in the process of being commodified meaning water (which is becoming scarce) goes to the highest bidder.
If you want more info on the water crisis here in colorado or across the world I can recommend many sources.

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Damn Dams

One only need to visit Lake Foul (Powl) to see how horrible a damn is to an ecosystem. Dams may extend some seasons as we see on the Platte (and I do love the long season) and on Gore, but in the long run they do nothing but harm to the environments they are created in.
The Grand Canyon, one of the most unique environments on the North American continent is being destroyed by the dams up-river. The natural flood and ebe that has formed and shapped the canyon has been serriously disrupted. Unique and endangered species are being lost every year due to the derth of nutrients and sediment that would normally be brought down by the spring floods. The dams cause most of the sediment to fall out of suspension and never reach the Grand. The water comming out of the bottom of the dam is far colder than it would be naturally at that point; this does some pretty horrible things to native fish populations as well.
Then there's the issue of waste. By stopping water in one place in a big pool, you increase the surface water exposed to sun. This water evaporates. Billions (that's right, BILLIONS, with a B) of gallons of fresh water are lost every year to evaporation from dams in the desert. They also waste the natural resource of the location. None of us who are reading this post will EVER see Glenn Canyon in our lifetimes. It is GONE forever. That is a terrible, terrible price to pay so that we can have a place to run our speed boats and have green lawns in the middle of the Tuscon desert.
Instead of new water projects (spelled DAMS), what we need is more responsible water management. We don't need more water, we just need to use what we have more wisely. We don't need more blue-grass lawns and 2 hour showers.

Please, save Colorado from more debt, more environmental degridation and more dams, Vote no on A.
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This isn't about kayaking. It's about rivers, and putting money into the hands of those that don't respect them!
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Originally Posted by double-a-ron
The world's major source of fresh water is rain, dams reduce a rivers surface area and prevent evaporation causing rain fall to decrease. Low snow packs and drought have been our states latest problem. Bigger snow pack means rivers run all year.
Your "education" has it backwords. Dams increase the surface area of rivers, causing more evaporation. Lake Powell looses around 8% its water each year to evoration. I doubt many rivers loose that much to evaporation in 190miles.

Evaporation from rivers is not a significant source of rain/snow. If you look a weather map then you'll see major storms come from the gulf of Mexico, Pacific ocean, or other large bodies of water; not the Arkansas river.

I fully agree with your other points. Vote no on A.
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