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Park City, Utah
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Creeker's Dream Mountain Home Soon To Be for Sale

My parents are looking to sell their house just west of Twin Lakes, as my dad had a massive stroke, and half his body is pretty much unusable. The reason for putting it on MB, is that there house is one that a lot of kayakers have seen. My parents own approximately 20 acres of land that is on both sides of Lake Creek. They own the land that borders the Parry Peak Paralyzer and Kiss the Wall rapids. This is a Class VI run, and I would hate for it to be bought by someone who doesn't believe that the rivers are owned by everyone, like the NIMBYs up creek. This is/was my parent's only house, and unlike most of the people in the area, they lived there all through the past 3 winters.

For those of you who have never seen this place. It probably has the most spectacular views I have ever seen in my life. Besides being right on the river, and having a deck that is cantilevered 50 feet above the river, there are incredible mountain views (Mount Hope and the south side of Elbert) and a great trail system around for biking and hiking. I wish I could move up there, but I am young, poor and need a good sized town for the type of work I do. I know most people on this board, couldn't afford something like this, my parents have been advised to ask for $1.3 million, but I was hoping a friend of a friend of a friend might be able to. If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me via email at: ibmtnbiker75 AT hotmail DOT com or reply to this post.

Sorry, I hope no one took this the wrong way. But anyone who has boated or even scouted this section, know that my parents are good people and my dad this summer was going to put in a rock path to make it easier for people portaging and scouting. They always were taking pictures and waving to anyone who was tough enough (definitely not me yet) to come down. I guess this is kind of a selfish reason, but I want someone who is kayak friendly to buy the house, as I someday want to do the run in honor of my dad.

Thanks for looking,

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Wil, very sorry to hear about your father. I think it's quite cool of you to post about this and I hope your idea works out. Another option to consider would be to grant an easement in gross to AW for individuals engaging in outdoor recreation, particularly whitewater sports, scouting, wood removal or photography. The easement in gross would be permanently attached to land and transfer over to the new owner. It may affect the value of the land, but maybe not - a local RE agent could tell you that. Can't speak for AW, but I would be pretty sure that if you wanted to do the easement, they would be happy to pay for the legal work necessary. Hope you get that personal descent for your dad.
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How 'bout we all pool in and buy it in the name of all boaters. I've 250 bucks. $1,299,750 to go.
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Wil, I cant buy your home but I'm very sorry to hear the bad news about your Dad. Good Luck.
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I have never met you, but I am sorry to hear about your father. My dad had a massive stroke about 3 years ago. I don't know how long ago your fathers happened, but for about 3 months after it you should see some improvements. They told us and my dad he would probably never walk again, but he walks around pretty good now. We are trying to talk him into doing a rehabilitation class where they basically tie the good side down and force you to work with the bad side for two straight weeks. It sounds cruel, but from all the research we have seen it seems to help the brain rewire itself and help get back some of the lost mobility.

That is very nice of you to put information about their house up on mountainbuzz.

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Park City, Utah
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Thanks for the info. Your dad sounds a lot like mine. He progressed pretty decently for 3 months, and now has slowly progressed. He had his stroke 6 months ago. Since moving back to Twin Lakes, they stayed with me in Pueblo for 4 months, he has gotten stronger though. He now can walk on the dirt trails from the house to the bridge downstream, which is a huge thing. It sucks for him to live in a land of so much physical beauty, and he has to be so locked in. I have heard about the rehab you are talking about regarding tieing his good side down. One of the reasons they are going to sell their house is so that my mom can afford the best rehab money can buy. It's pretty crazy how fast life can change. My dad was the most healthy living, active 60 year old that I knew. And now he walks half a mile, and he doesn't want to move for the rest of the day.
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If you would like any advice or ideas in obtaining coverage or providing care for your father feel free to email or call me. It does sound like their situations are very similar.

(303) 324-2524
[email protected]
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If your mom and dad don't want to rehab in the city we have a great rehab unit here in Glenwood Springs.
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I am very sorry to hear about your father. I met him a couple years back when I was trying to put together a race on Lake Creek, and also talked with him a couple of times when we were scouting. He is a great man, and I am sending my best wishes his way for a full recovery.

If I win the lottery in the next couple of months I will definitely buy this house. It is my dream home!

Take care
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Park City, Utah
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Whip, thanks for the info on rehab in GS. We are looking at some extremely progressive rehab place in Texas, which is getting crazy results, but the rehab is extremely expensive.

Mark and all other Lake Creek paddlers, my parents will still be there for most of the summer getting the house ready to sell. So feel free to wave and say howdy, as they are on their deck quite a bit.
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