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bum, Colorado
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Cracked Wavesport

I have a cracked wavesport EZG, still usable and a good boat, but definately a manufacture defect. Will wavesport take care of me. The boat shop I bought it from is not helping me out! Anyone have any experience with this?

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If the crack is in the cockpit rim then Wavesport should take care of it. But there are several stipulations...

1.) You have to be the original owner of the boat
2.) You have to have all your paperwork for the boat
3.) Depending on how long ago you bought it they will either replace it all, pro-rate it, or just tell you that you are out of luck
4.) You have to have the shop you bought it at process the warranty...or at least they have to ship the new boat there

I had the same problem with my Wavesport. They replaced it but the new boat's plastic isn't the same quality as the first one. It is super weak, bends easily, and is overall poor quality.

Good luck!
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this is another post that I just put up but it should give you
an idea of what may lay ahead for you.

I have avoided posting on this topic for a while, deciding how to write it and say what needs to be said without affecting the people who are just doing their jobs. So let me start by saying this: Joel, I met you once at the Salida playpark and you seemed nice and helpful and whenever I had to talk to you, you lived up to what I expected. Hobie, the same goes for you and I think you are a great asset to the kayaking community. I know that you are a Dagger guy and this is a Wavesport problem (maybe), but just so you have a heads up on what might actually be a Confluence (not the Denver store) issue, which could affect Dagger down the road.

Anyways, a customer came into my store almost six months ago now with a cracked EZG, no big deal right? We had already returned a few and Wavesport/Confluence were handling the issue fairly reasonably at that time. This is not the case with this boat, they have refused to do anything but pass the blame to some other customer service rep. They have yet to issue a RA # and have continued to jerk our shop around about this boat. It has gotten to the point where we just told the customer to try and get a hold of the company himself. What do you think he got? Nadda. It has been six months (I find it hard to believe that that are backed up so badly to get 1 EZG out in that time period) and he has no new boat to replace his boat that he paid full retail for and had a well known manufacturer's defect in it. I have had to let him use my personal boat for the entire summer just so he could have a playboat.

Now Joel, I know that you have been contacted about this, and I also know that it is not your department so it isn't your responsibility. What I would like to know is, is this Wavesport's doing or is this Confluence's? Because if it is the firsts then it is just poor customer service and they will lose customers that way, if it is the latter they are sabotaging the Wavesport name and they will still lose customers (this is where I would warn Hobie about what Confluence is doing if that is the case)

If this whole thing has to do with my store and the relation ship which I understand has been rocky between the owners and others than this just comes off as petty kindergarten BS and customers will still be lost.

The main point is: Customer has waited six months, no boat = bad customer service somewhere in an industry that cannot afford it.
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Ft. Collins, Colorado
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I have a WS EZG 50 with major cracking problems. It started as small holes under the gunnel which i covered with epoxy and tape. Now there is a crack all the way across the right side gunnel directly above the thigh brace. The crack opens up when you apply force to the thigh brace. It looks like it is getting worse and the boat will eventually be unusable.

I bought the boat 2 years ago from the Mtn Shop in Fort Collins which is about to close its doors. I think it was a rental and has "DEMO" stamped on the stern.

So am I completely SOL as far as getting the boat replaced or repaired by WaveSport?

Any advice for repairs? Plastic weld or even attaching a metal brace with screws across the damaged plastic.
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Parker, Colorado
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WS Warranty

I had a WS Ace crack around the cockpit about 4 years ago. When I found the crack it was springtime and the boat was 13 months old so technically I was only entitled to a pro-rated value for the boat. But it was leaking at the end of the prior season and I thought it was the skirt so I asked for full value.

I bought the boat at Mountain Miser so called David and explained the situation. He asked me to send photographs and said this was a common WS problem. I asked David to copy me on all correspondence with WS. After a couple of weeks and not hearing a word from anyone, with David's permission, I made direct contact with WS and stayed on them. I was polite but persistant. After a month or so they shipped a new boat to my house and did not bother to pick up the old one.

If you have a damaged boat you may need to work with the dealer to get the paperwork started but there is no reason why you can not follow up with the manufacturer directly and offer to handle all correspondence after the dealer submits the paperwork.

It was really great that Wavesport took care of me but I doubt I would have had the same result had I called Mountain Miser every week and asked where my new boat was....

That said... I know every situation is different and I suspect everyone is trying there best to get this taken care of. I hope WS will step up and take care of it.
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pnw, Colorado
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I would check out the other thread on this.
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Sounds like Hobie and Marty's bonuses are going up by the hour.
Join up, suckas.

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good luck

I had the same problem with my EZG last year. The shop I bought it from worked with wavesport and actually replaced the EZG with a Project instead. It took some talking to a few people but it worked out great. The shop let me keep the ezg to use till the project came in from wavesport. took about a month and a half to get it in. Hope it works out for you.
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