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I have had both experiences at Golden sitting in an eddie getting waved down only to have someone else pull in the hole as I was paddling into it.
And being waved in and let pass by with words of encouragement beinging yelled out.

Seems the times I've been pulled in on was by people not paying attintion to what was going on, kind of like in traffic.

When you are heading down stream you do have the right of way even in a playpark, but you still have to try to keep from hitting the others there, the rules of navagation apply even to kayaks so a person playing needs to be paying attintion to the upstream traffic weather it is new boaters or old schoolers......

"I just stood there and watched the whole thing happen!!!"
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you should all try getting out of that Denver Smog more often
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Front Range, Colorado
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We actually have a guy paddling out of Chattanooga who's notorious for this sort of thing. He's flipped everyone from beginners (he nailed me on my second run EVER) to advanced guys, and flipped one of the best paddlers I know into a swim.... I was pissy because I had no confidence and few skills and was really out-of-place in a hard-sided plastic kayak at the time I got taken out. But alot of folks seem to be really entertained by it, and no one seems to hold a grudge against him....?

"Oh, that's just ___.... the bastard cut in under me a few years ago, too... hahaha.... he's just clueless like that, y'know??"

Maybe it's whether you've got the carnage factor set up for you or against you that makes it count though?
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Common sense should prevail. There isn’t a hard line on right and wrong.. An example is if you are in a WW park, and you can skirt the wave while someone is surfing the wave, and you want to surf the wave, then eddy out, and wait your turn.....

Up stream boater has the right away... That being said, be courteous.. Don’t hang out for minutes at a time above the hole/wave....

I have found myself in a similar situation. I just usually head on down stream. The boater that is surfing will usually get out of the way before I enter.. If not, then they usually get rammed.. Pretty funny actually, and no hard feeling cause I am in the right......

If you’re on the river, and want to head down stream, then do what you want..

All else fails, MIGHT makes RIGHT.. START swinging…
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People in Golden have been nothing but nice to me, despite my infractions of the "Golden Rules". I understand the protocol now though. Rules are rules, obey them or leave. The person on the wave has the right of way. It would be nice for that person to wave an up river boater thru, but not nessecary. Essentially a boater above is in the same line as those in the eddy and should wait his/her turn. I hope some violent thug from Boulder (ie. bouldermatty) would not resort to taking a swing just because he did not fully understand the rules.[/list]
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I hope some violent thug from Boulder (i.e. bouldermatty) would not resort to taking a swing just because he did not fully understand the rules.[/list]
Yo Soiled Green.. This is why you get your arse kicked on a weekly basis.. You got you’re head up your BUTT... AND you have your "rules" backwards...

There needs to be a bit more of a "kayaker cross" type atmosphere at the play parks.. Golly how many times can you spin backwards and forwards.. OOO Lokk at me honey bunny…

Lets see some real action where people are ramming into each other, swinging and wrestling on the banks of the river... Dogs attacking other dogs, paddles slapping fore heads, people urinating on trees...

Aw heck, guess I gota go the ShoSho….

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Denver, Colorado
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I agree with soylent

I think that the upstream boater has the right of way is correct most of the time, but not all the time. In a river with rafts it is obviously correct. In a river where downstream boater have a hard time eddying out, or are in swift current approaching a surf spot, the same thing applies. Golden is different though. Most of the water between play features is pretty slack, and most boaters are there for the play features. In practice it seems to me that the surfer has the right of way. Downstream boaters can easily eddy out or ferry to a chilled spot so as not to interrupt the surf. If you want to go down, skirt the wave, hole and slide into the eddy. As a courtesy, if no one is "waving you" down, hold up your paddle to signal that you are coming to let the boaters downstream know. When you are surfing, you might be focusing on the hole and no see the upstream boaters. In my mind the upstream boater should take it on themselves to not drop in on surfers. If a surfer jumps in the hole, skirt them. I frequently jump in the hole while upstream boaters spend lots of time thinking about the line. Common sense and courtesy should be the norm. Also if you bang boats and run into each other, no big deal, we are all on the river to have fun. Sometimes accidents happen.
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I look at is like this. Why do we have to get all worked up about this kind of thing. During the snow season you see it all the time, "some texan cut me off, i am so pissed... wha wha wha...." Shut up. Atleast you get to be on the river, period. Its not a right that you have to be on the wave or paddling down the river, it is a priviledge. So just relax and be greatful you dont live in Africa and have aids or something. Honestly how much of your play time or river running time did it all take? And I know that the whole thing could have been potentially dangerous but was it really that bad. Is it really worth all the stress.

relax and be greatful,

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If you came up and grabed somebodys boat to get their attention and were surprised by a rude reply you lead a truly sheltered life.
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The other guy's name is John. I know that because I introduced myself as he did also as the conversation began. I never Grabed anyones boat. His account is pretty far fetched. I was there with my girlfriend and her six year old. John just got really short and acted like he owned the place, then left.
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