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Confrontation at Shoshone

Re: Conflict resolution...
Reply #15 on: Today at 01:03:27 PM So, I was SUPing Shashone River on Sat, three sups and two kayaks. This is class 3 water and is the only river in all of Colorado running right now. Needless to say very busy with downriver activity. We finished up the rapids and were going towards the takeout and were surfing on some tiny waves. We were river center, maybe a little to the right.

I hear some people yelling at us, and I look back and there are these two kids and one parent fishing on the right hand side of the river. They are screaming at us, go f(&Y yourselfs, you f*&^ing assholes etc. Most of this was directed at the 100lb girl we were with us, calling her the c word. It was truly unreal. They then started throwing rocks at her.

We got to the take out and we told the ranger.
About 5 minutes later here came the fisherman. They claim that we were disturing their fishing. That we had scared the fish away. We were no where near them.
The ranger asked them for ID, made sure they had fishing licenses etc. He told them downriver users always have the right away and that by tossing rocks as us they could be charged with assault. He also explained to them that this is the busiest stretch of river in the state right now.
There were numerous things I could not comprehend.
1. This is how the father teaches the kids to react, to curse scream and accost people?
2. Even if we were acting malicously (which we clearly were not), we were a group of five, two of us were pretty large. Use some commen sense here, what would keep us from pulling over and beating the shit our these kids.
3. They are on the busiest river in the state right now. 10 miles away is the roaring fork with some of the best fishing in the state, why not go there.

Anyway, the ranger let them go, we almost called the police but decided against it.

There are assholes everywhere.

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Good that you confronted straight away.
On the river, I can abandon who I am and what I've done. However brief it lasts, while on the river I am nothing important and everything insignificant. I am flotsam, and happy to be so.
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throwing rocks, why didn't I think of that, great idea! I'm heading to golden now to cool off and throw rocks at innertubers.
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I thought it was general practice to throw rocks at the SUP'ers.....

I think you guys did the right thing, better to have an official take care of disputes on the river. When I encounter fishermen on the rio I usually try to stay as far to the other side as is safe passage for myself and group. I also try stay quiet and respectful. Part of me thinks that throwing rocks will do more to scare away the fish than the craft they see float over their heads all day.
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great, so why are you posting this> buzz is about stoke! next time carry rocks and throw them back
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this thread is worthless without some gopro hero headcam footage.
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Thanks for posting this. It's important to know about conflicts in the areas we boat on and great to know which side the law and rangers are taking. Very glad that you solved the issue through the ranger and that he was supportive. Obviously these people are troubled and should be left alone for the authorities to deal with. Calling the police would have been another appropriate course of action but I'm sure you just wanted out of the situation asap. I've had nearly the same thing happen with a fishing guide taking his clients along the shore at the BV PLAYPARK. Thanks again for the post and I hope those people learn to respect others!
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sooo dumb
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Ummm I really want to respond to this, but I am afraid I'd need a bottle of tekillya to do it right.

I will try this however. Go get a really nice hi-cap airsoft machinegun, something in the 400 to 500 fps range. make sure you load it with heavy loads.

Then, enjoy...start busting some welts on their sorry a$$es
And the Lord said, let there be whitewater. So on Friday, the 13th day of the month....
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Wow what is it with Coloradoand water? My father has a house on a creek in New Jersey. All the fishermen and landowners could care less. They just wave and smile as you paddle by.
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