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Here at we are experimenting with an online journal/guidebook, where the region's boating community can contribute to the site for the mutual benefit and enjoyment of the community. We are not in this to make money. One half of our mission is to create a permanent online archive for river beta in the area. This can serve many purposes including, but not limited to, updating beta on old runs (rivers are constantly changing right), beta on new runs, beta on playspots, beta on new river hazards, and lastly, but possibly most importantly, the archive can serve as a record of recreational use. This last benefit is extremely important for preserving our right to float and for maintaining flows when they come to damn (pun intended) or kick us off of, our favorite river stretches...these days they have to consider recreational users as stakeholders. The other half of our mission is to provide an online journal, consisting of entertaining and informative articles, written by members of the boating community, on topics ranging from safety to safety meetings, oh and boating adventures to.

Currently we are experiencing a fairly low contribution rate. I know as boaters we would much (and I mean much) rather be actually paddling then writing an article about it, but just think of how cool it is to have something in print (not exactly "print", but you know what I mean), plus you may also be truly helping to protect a river when you contribute. You don't need pictures to contribute and you don't need to be an expert writer either. River descriptions for runs of any class are accepted as well as descriptions of playspots. Long story short we are out here fishing for more contributions. In light of this we have decided to only draw one raffle winner for September, and we are going extend the raffle into October and November in the hopes that more people will contribute.

Todd Gillman is the proud winner of a Shred Ready Helmet! Our first winner. YeeeeeeHawww!

If you want to be a winner look to contribute something to

It's easy and it's fun! If anyone has any suggestions or comments feel free to email us through the site and/or post something here.

Evan J. Stafford
Tim T. Hawkins
[email protected]

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Very cool ... Thanks Evan!

I'll try to get a couple fools that were in on this summer's treasure canyon first d. to write something up for the website. There are some beautiful photos ben horton shot of this very worthy mission, so it would be a nice addition to ...

at any rate, thanks again!
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Todd, wtf is Treasure Canyon? Did you find hidden treasure in there? Sounds intriguing. It's storming mad in SF right now. CO may get some of this in a day or two. Tahoe is under a winter storm warning. This is good since there's been no precip in CA. since March 1st. Post the goods on Evan's site and earn that friggin helmet.
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TG's up in central washington right now creeking, on his way to Skook this weekend I think. So he probably won't see this for awhile.

Treasure canyon was scoped out by Rick Stohlquist and Brent Toepper, and Todd made it on the trip with a decent sized crew. It's hike to, and I understand that it was pretty quality. Typical high alpine colorado run, tight and technical, with a few decent size drops.

I missed the trip, so I will let someone else spill the beans whenever they get a chance. Mid June is the good season if I remember correctly, so plan on hitting it next summer...
Kyle McCutchen
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hey y'all ...

hartje, good to hear from you. your canuckland trip looks like it was a blast. i recently had a trip to canadia (not central WA). got on the ashlu, the upper ryan, & a little bastard called south creek, which we had to rappel into. then got 2 days at skookumchuck. it was fun, eh ...

got the sad news that todd a. passed away while i was up there (thanks to gordon, fred, aaron m., & kyle for contacting me). super bummer. it's weird to think that the bank of knowledge on the big horns is pretty much gone now. that dude along with dan crain knew those creeks better than anybody in the world. todd would've freakin' loved the upper ryan, which is what we paddled the day that the news came to me ..

anyway, treasure canyon is a new very high quality gem that rick & 56 found this spring. it was first d'd by rick, toepper, johnny banker, conor finney, & myself. it was rad, & it is definitely not "typical" to colorado -- if it were, it would be short, manky, & super low volume. on the contrary, the rock is very well formed, it is quite long (like 5 miles or more, with drops the whole way), not super "tight", & very reminiscent of the big south -- pool-drop, multi-tiered, twisty, mini-gorge rapids, all dropping in the neighborhood of 10-20 feet total. there's a grand finale gorge that's like a mile of continuous read & run class V. and there's also a 30 footer into a buttcrack gorge that remains unrun due to wood in the runout. it will go, but will take some serious effort to clean it out. we cleaned several rapids that weekend, and there's only a handful of portages, though there were several runnable drops with the potential to inflicted the pain. there may be some clips of it on the new LVM whenever it comes out. and ben horton has some amazing photos that i don't want to post because they're not really mine. but maybe he won't mind -- i'll ask him when he gets back from his trip. if you're out this summer, we'll hit it ...

gimme a call some time. hope you are well!

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