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Colorado Sux

Nuff said...

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lol then you have fun skiing or kayaking in your own state good luck and have fun. Dumb ass
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Golden, Colorado
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just for the record all the REAL Texans and Coloradans I know like the banter and don't get upset. Shit if I could remember half the Big Hair jokes my sister in law from Dallas tells. peace and and go play. sj
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My intention is not to keep this thread moving forward, but I couldn't resist posting this article. It's cute and funny and hopefully will put a smile on your face this Friday afternoon!
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they give us their money thats about it, I have lived in texas and don't hate all texans just the iggnorant ones.
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Conversation on a Vail Ski Lift, circa 1990:

<skiers load, 2 colorado college students and two middle aged Texas men>

Texas 1: Hey! Where y'all from?
Fat Mat: We're in school down in the Springs.
Texas 2: So yer from Colorado?
Fat Mat: No, I'm orginally from Wisconsin.
Texas 1: Ain't that the capital of Chicago?
Fat Mat: ...Yes, it is.

<chit chat about the weather ensues, retardation is confirmed>

Fat Mat: Say, are you guys packing heat?
Texas 1: What, like a pistol er somthin'?
Fat Mat <deadpan>: Yeah, of course.
Texas 2: Well, what the hell fer?
Fat Mat: For the Lift-Jackings, of course.
Texas 1&2: What?!?
Fat Mat: Yeah, Vail's been trying to keep it quiet because it's been a problem this season. Guys get on the lift with you and rob you while you're 50 feet up, and then ski off at the top before you can tell anyone.
Taxas 2: NO SHIT!?
Fat Mat: Yep. That's why I'm packin'. Him too.
Me: Damn Right. <mumbling, cause I'm hiding my face inside my jacket to not show my laughter>
Texas 1: Goddam Thieves. <Racially biased observations ensue while we sit quietly>
<Top of Lift>
Texas 1: Thanks for the Tip! I ain't coming back here without my piece!
Fat Mat: Keep yer Powder Dry! <exit asshole CO skiers, likely responsible for armed Texas skiers patrolling the lifts at Vail for seasons to come>
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Texas, don't make Texans look stupid, especially by your very unoriginal name. I'm in Houston, and if you need me to, I can remove your head from your ass, it's part of my training to become a RN.

Besides, we have way better salsa down here, at least according to guys I worked with at 4Corners. Shit never lasted more than 5 secs when I brought it out.

El Flaco, that second part was funny shit! It's not nice to pick on stupid people, no matter where they are from. But sometimes, it can't be helped.

Telegurl, that too was very funny. It made my afternoon.

I'd share a bottle of good tequila with any of you, so long as you don't have trench mouth or Herpes.
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If texas suck why do loads and loads of them show up here every winter? Appreciate
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As a misplaced Texan living in Colorado I have to say I love both places, one because it is home and the other for the outdoor opportunities, especially the boating and skiing, mountainbiking, etc. I am originally from the Austin area but have lived in different places in the U.S. Every place has its' snobs even Texas. However, the one thing I don't understand is why people that work in the tourist industry complain about tourists. That is their bread and butter they help them live the great lifestyle they chose. To me that is like an engineer complaining about building stuff. I have worked in the recreation/tourist industry for over 15 years and learned if you keep up with that mentality you will not be succesful in your recreational career choice.
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