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Colorado Kayak Magazine

How many people would be willing to buy/and or subscribe to a Colorado Kayak Magazine? This would include 40-60 pages of Colored pages, with tons of local Pics from Pro/and or non-pro people around the state. There will be many different types of topics. What do ya think?

List some comments, questions and/or advice~

Ben Guska

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Great thinkin' Ben. Where you at bro? I've been thinkin' about something along similar lines for a while now. We've got such a good scene here and we don't get much print or props, so why not start some new sh!t and take over. I live in Fort Collins. You can email me at [email protected] if you are interested in getting some help to get this thing off the ground.
Evan J. Stafford
Evan Stafford
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You guys should do it. I know I would buy it, I think it would be a hit.
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Something like that would be great for this state. The scene is here for it as well as the market. If mountainbuzz works as well as it does I think a mag. would be comparable.
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I would be willing to help with this project. I teach High School and have all summer to play. I think it is a very good idea.

[email protected]
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I don't mean to rain on a sunny day but keep a couple of things in mind for this project. The cost of high definition/gloss printing, which is what I think that you are looking for, is very expensive even if you can commit to a large order and by large I mean 10,000+. In order to pay for the printing and publishing costs you need to sell ad space (subscriptions almost never pays the bills). And in order to sell ads you need to have substantial distribution, in order to have distribution you need a target market that is large enough that retailers will be willing to carry your product. Remember despite how big the sport of kayaking is in CO and the U.S. it is still very much a fringe sport with a relatively small target market and if you limit this to CO it is even smaller.
Personally I would love to see such a project succeed and I would purchase the product. However, I would caution you to carefully consider what you wish to accomplish before you get in too deep.
BTW I worked for a local entertainment magazine as a writer and ad exec so I know of what I speak.
Good Luck
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THanks to all who have emailed me or given me input. I also agree that is is a lot of money, time and effort. This is why i posted to see how realistic it it. THe printing charges are the biggest cost. ANd as for selling add space, it all depends on how much money companies would like to spend on each customer. (Cost per Customer) Another idea would perhaps be an online magazine. Idk if this has ever been done. BUt it certainly would be perhaps a kewl idea, and in turn less expensive from printing fees.

Thanks again to all.
Feel free to email me
Ben GUska
[email protected]
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Have you posted this poll on other sites as well? I bet you'd get a lot of interest from easterners longing to come west. It would be dang cool for me, to read stories about, and see pictures of, stuff I actually do or aspire to do. Count this household in. I'm sure I can speak a bunch of 'up north' boaters as well.


P.S. My husband, and boating p, has more years graphics arts experience than I care to say out loud, if looking.
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Ben, a Colorado Kayak magazine would be sweet....I'd definitely buy it. I'd also be willing to help with photo/article contributions.

An online mag would be cool in that it would cut costs and save paper, but its just not the same as something you hold in hand. Also, it would be more widely viewed.

You might entice out of state paddlers to get subscriptions by putting 'spot checks' (an expose on one sick creek and play spot) in each issue. This would also be a good way of getting local paddlers from those areas to contribute, get exposure and share local knowledge. I think it would be cool to get away from the LVM-ish way of always giving the same paddlers exposure in each episode and diversify more. You could do an annual DVD supplement to the mag too!

Think about trying to get the state-level and local chambers of commerce to support the mag on the grounds that it will increase visitation to their towns/colorado in general (via the 'spot checks').

At any rate, great idea... get in touch if/when you are looking for contributers.
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