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What's the difficulty level of Clear Creek above the play park (Tunnel 1?)?

I'm assuming gnarlier than the filter plant, Poudre?

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Its a busy 3 but it is currently closed (tunnel 1 to playpark) till they get the river wide tree/strainer out.
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Okay, maybe I'm missing something here, but it seems completely retarded to "close" the river because of a log. Almost every river and creek in the state has logs on them, especially on more difficult runs, and its usually pretty simple to portage. On difficult rivers there are usually just as many deadly places formed by rock and water as there are by logs, so closing the river doesn't really seem to be making anything safer. I'd be much more concerned about flipping and hitting my head in screaming 1/4 mile, or by getting recirced to death in that dam drop than I am about missing an eddy above a tree. Further more, closing the river only teaches the idiots that whenever something is dangerous that someone will disallow them from getting hurt, rather than letting those same people figure out what is dangerous and what isn't through good decision making or natural selection or whatever. Place a warning sign, but don't close the river! Retarded. TIIMMMAAAAYYYYY!
Kyle McCutchen
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Cutch -

While I'm in total agreeance with you 99% of the time, on this one I have to say the Sherriff's Office made the right call. I went up Saturday morning to have a look at the tree and it just happened to be the biggest mo-fo that lines the river bed in all of Lower CC. I posted a pretty bad pic for you guys to see.
The fallen tree and it's MANY large branches span the entire river. The one section of trunk that collapsed is 4.5 feet in diameter.
The closure is within their rights as the tree poses a major safety issue, though most compitent kayakers could avoid it. It's proximity to the heavily used WW park and the popularity of tubing from tunnel 1 down to the park propmpted the quick action from the Sherriff.

Now if only the could get it out just as quick......
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I stated this in another thread, but here goes again

You can put in just below the tree if you want. I talked to a ranger on Sunday and he said that the closure was to keep tubers off the river. He was not too worried about kayakers.

Someone has cut a large branch off the tree making a passage on the river right.
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castle rock
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when will the river be re-opened?
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Well put twitch and polo. I agree that someone has to try to keep the tubers alive. I just feel that kayakers should be able to make their own decision when it comes to paddling any stretch of whitewater, regardless of the level of risk. A warning about potential hazards is always welcome. Getting fined or arrested for making a decision (to paddle the river) that isn't neccesarily a bad one would be ridiculous.

On that note I don't really care if its closed, since I probably won't be paddling it anytime soon.
Kyle McCutchen
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Back to the topic at hand.....

I don't think Tunnel 1 to the park is class III. I think it is II. It starts a bit busy with the high water, but it is really just waves.
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All tree strainers aside, if you putin above tunnel 1, below the dam there's two class III-ish rapids, both of which require some basic boat manuvering (i.e. can't just paddle hard and straight). Below Tunnel 1 it's Class II wave trains (at best).

If you've got newbys, Deckers is up for the first time this year. The eddys there are more conducive to gear recovery...
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