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Golden, Colorado
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Clean wood from BS or Treasure Canyon

Not that I would discourage the removal of wood from the Big South, I love the run, especially when you can clean all the lines.

But lets get serious, I think we can put to better use the time and resources of a bunch of kayakers.

After being first discovered in 2004, Treasure Canyon has seen limited boating (twice in 04 and only a handfull in 05). The quality of the run can easily be compared to top notch big names runs of Colo legend.

There has been alot of buzz and request to have the run open up to more access.

There is a bit of wood in the run, nothing that could not be removed with this group.

Rick and I ran this for the first time in may of 2004, with similiar snow conditions. The road was easliy accesable and walking the entire run can be performed from either top of bottom. If the wood was cleaned out by Late May, the next few weeks the boating could be great.

Just a thought....


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I'm currently living in the North East, but I will be back in CO by the last week of may so if you get something put together let me know. I'd be more than willing to help with some wood clearing if it meant a cool steepie that I've never ran....Lemme know...

--Zach W.
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I would be in to doing some removal. I will PM you my contact info. I have a couple chain saws.

on our 2nd trip down Treasure in '05 we had a guy, forgot his name (met him at the take out camp) wedge himself and his Embudo under an easy to miss log in some class 3. It was on a left hand bend. He luckily got out and we cut out the log (about a 1' in dia.). We dragged the log up on to river left as high as we could get it, but it could use a little stihl love to move it from the flood plain.

I think you are correct in your description of the run. It is a high quality, clean run with dramatic drops. I've got lots of pics and vid from our (2) runs. I will post a few. Is there anywhere to post some vid??

Gauging from the snow at my house in Durango (about 30" in (2) days and still dumping) it may take a while for the roads to be clear. How long of a drive is it to go around in lieu of going over the pass from South Fork?


The SW snowpack should be redeemed or at least reasonable after this w/e...
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Golden, Colorado
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May I suggest dynamite to blast that shelf at the base of the 20 footer as well. Imagine that run with that drop and the gorge above it runnable. oooh-dawgy!! They're cool with that sort of thing in that part of the state. I'm sure they are.

Sward, it's a bit far for me to drive for a wood-cleaning session, but I would be up for doing some cleaning next time down this spring now that you guys are finally getting some snow. BTW, why aren't you at Wolfe Creek today? 30"! Yeah!
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Got other responsibilities, kids, today. Skiing? you kidding me i'm just shoveling this white sh!t flat so it will melt faster.

Ready for the season to kick off.


Kernville mid april - want to go? Tues PM thru Sun (16th)PM. Easy, fun creeking.
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Golden, Colorado
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I almost think due to the remote access of TC, that a clean and run type approach would be the best.

After getting the first D in 04, Rick and I have not been back. We were planning for alittle action this summer (Late May).

I will e-mail you off line about more.....

You mentioned the F*#@ rock at the lead in to Burning and Looting. At the right level, that rock is submerged...FYI.

You also mentioned the rocks at the bottom of the really clean 20' waterfall. From the reports that I heard last year there was a group (possibly when Nate Seaby) was that hit the run alot higher (800+) and the rocks were covered. I would like to hear if that was true.

Rick and I were not able to run that drop due to the Rocks (or what appeared to be rocks) and the massive log crossing the river 10 feet below. Our thoughts were the drop has avalache debri (evidnet by the path above), and a big smow year, like 05 could have cleaned it out.

At any rate, once the run is well scouted and cleaned, it will certainly go down as an all time best in CO.

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56, where do you live and where is treasure canyon (closest town etc...)?
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Will post a pic of the questionable 20'er that lands on rocks. Judging by the 10' of spray shooting off those rocks, I would guess that 800 would not be enough, but then again I would rather be wrong. Would love to see that run at that level. The twizz would be scary...
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Golden, Colorado
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The photo you posted looks surprisingly different....the high water in May of 2005 pushed alot of wood and debri out of the way. I can still see the spray at the bottom. If you took this photo at 250+/-, I can understand.

We first ran this at 320, then the other group in 05 has hitting levels of 700. When I talk to them, I will let you know. But I am guessing that at levels of 500+ the line could work. And you are right, TC becomes alot harder at 500+ flows, hence 56 falls.

Also from the photo, you can see the difficulty of removal of logs, one plus is that due to the remote location, I am not sure you will even see a park ranger or gun toting rancher giving us hell for Chainsaws.

For the guy that is asking me where I live...what kind of broke-back question is that? And as far a TC, the in the know, know TC's location. j/k...if you want to knock youself out there is a great article in LVM or topo maps of Alamosa Canyon west......

I am really hoping there will be a group willing the clean the shit out...I have a trip to ID that might conflict with any plans of wood removal. At any rate, a duck and cover and portage alternative is just fine for me. The ability to have found this run and have a blast is still worth a few trees.

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sward - I have seen some people share videos that they put up on It is a free site to host video, and seems to work fine, although I have not used it. It would be cool to see some video of the run.

I am hoping to get on treasure this year, and would be down for a paddle/clean type of mission in late may.
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