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Christopher Creek film to show in Flagstaff

My film has been accepted into the Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival. It shows the first descent of the upper half of Chris, and my injury that resulted. It then briefly tells the story of my recovery back to kayaking, and another first descent we did a year later in the Philippines. The film is called Two First Descents, Three Worlds Apart and it shows Saturday March 10 at 2:00 PM.

The Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival is an awsome anuall event here and shows in the historic downtown Orpheum Theater. Hope you all can make it! There are many other great films to be seen. Check out their site at

Us AZ boaters have been incognito for decades, and have recently been punching in more and more 1st's. But we are on the map now. So come check it out. See you downstream!

Peace out- Roy

Gravity always wins!
Roy Lippman
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Golden, Colorado
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If there is a way to see your film in Denver could you let me know?

Did you injure your spine? I'm curious because I just did that a few months ago paddling in the ocean and I've had a few neurosurgeons tell me different things about whether I should ever paddle again. I'd like to hear your story. Is your film going to DVD?
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My film is also being considered in Telluride, so stay tuned for that if it helps you to maybe see it.

Long story short, I did the ol tuck and huck off this perfect looking, absolute vertical 15 footer. Right under the falls, there was a ledge just 2' under the surface. I pitoned hard into it, my boat was spot-on vertical, and my left ankle exploded! It's been two years now and I just had to get that ankle fused. I haven't had any problems with other joints in my body, but everything is still adapting to my new gate. I actually can't explain why that is, but for some reason my left ankle just took all the force.

I'm sorry to hear about your injury, I know how frustrating and life changing it can be. Get 2nd and 3rd opinions about your spine. See some alternative doctors as well. Eat A LOT of Vitamin C and good diet in general. Stay positive mentally, and stay active physically. You'll be allright!

Call me anytime if you need anything.

Gravity always wins!
Roy Lippman
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Hey Ture,

This is just my opinion. . . and I know how bad you wan't to be paddling, but only see alternative doctors if they have and MD or a DO next to their name. The spinal cord is not something to mess with like say maybe a bad case of cystitis. These guys go to 12 years of intense training for a reason. They have to be accurate to the micrometer, no room for slop. As of now, I'm sure you can appreciate this.

Sorry I haven't been in touch, but I'm up to my elbows in school and work.

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When did you do Christopher for the first time, when was your 1st D. I have a couple of budy's who ran it a while ago. Just curious.
hey diddle diddle...
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Tyler Williams and I have the true first (Feb 25 05). We had it in our sights for a long time, as it is in our back yard. The day finally came, and I had invited the Selby siblings down for some AZ creekin. They ended up not making it to Chris because of a road closure. Anyway, after my accident, word got back to CO about how sick this creek was. Like one week later, Kyle McCutchen, Evan Stafford, and Todd Gillman blazed down here, caught it running, and finished the first. Arizona is on the map!.....

By the way Kyle if you're reading this, I finally got around to naming my drop. Smiles to Trials

Gravity always wins!
Roy Lippman
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Charc in = charc out
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3 points:

1. most importantly, very sorry about your accident. injuries suck. i'm rehabbing a shoulder that, coincidentally, i hurt the first time on christopher cr years ago. here's to hoping you can get that cankle healed up & get back out on the river soon!

2. your descrip makes it sound like we came from CO specifically to scoop your run in the wake of your accident .. which couldn't be further from the truth. we'd never even heard of that creek until we were already in AZ & saw it in a hikers guidebook that we bought in Flag. only after our initial interest in the "box canyon of christopher creek" did we get the most meager of info from tyler. we only had 5 days at our disposal, & the plan was to hit the upper salt & the little colorado. shortly before we left we got info from jared & steve that the L.Colorado was a bit of a nightmare. but either way, christopher never even factored into the decision, so we certainly didn't "blaze" down there to get it & never heard of you, your attempt, or your injury until well afterward.

3. i know where this point may end up (in some kind of a lame forum drama with chest-puffing about who's first, or else I'm sure someone's gonna self-righteously spray about how 1D's dont matter .. neither of which i will instigate or perpetuate or be a part of) .. but in the interest of fairness & healthy discussion, wouldn't the "true first descent" go to the party that actually did the run?

let's say hypothetically there are 20 rapids on a river that has never been run. a group goes in & runs 4 of them & is forced to hike out for whatever reason. some time after, another party goes in and runs every single drop on the river.

which party did the first descent?

honest question here.

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I don't know the story or geography behind this one but I think that it depends on how much of the river was run by each group. If the first group runs more than half of the section in question, I would say that the 1stD for the run goes to them and then the second group gets credit for the 1stD down the rapids not previously run. If the first group just runs the first handful of rapids and leaves the majority of the stretch unrun, then they get credit for the upper part or those first rapids but then the second group gets the cred for the rest of the run and the run as a whole.

Obviously, people talk about it so it does matter. I just think that it isn't what matters most about the experience. No, I have never had a 1stD on anything (though I've got some potentials scoped out). What really matters to me is not the 1 1stD but the 35 Personal 1stD's I got this season. I think this is a good topic for discussion and am interested to see what other's have to say on the subject.

My .02
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I have a new name for your movie.

"One first attempt, One first descent, 3 worlds apart"

Details are a bitch.
hey diddle diddle...
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I got one

Since we are on the subject and there seams to be some gray area, I would like to claim a 1st D on the poudre Narrows on June 2, 2003 at 9:42 am. There I said it.. Now I know this is not the first time it had been run, but no one, and I mean no one ran it that day at that level at that exact secound with the exact same drops of water.. So there I did it I got my 1st, 1st D.. I am so excited, plus I boofed so hard on the first drop that it knocked all the fish out of the water!!!! so eat that LOTSAWATER!!

I am glad I got that off my chest

No brainer the first D goes to the boys that ran the whole river first...
And a good example of that would be when we hiked in and ran the Big South from the source...
We did not claim to have the First descent of the Big South...
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