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Chile's Futaleafu Under Siege

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damn thats sad...... and we can't do a damn thing about it.
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I just read this. lots of sad news out there today. hopefully these folks can recover. I am going to send some money later today. I wonder if Jon can set up a paypal account?
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no tengo
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just got this from sarah rane and reposting it here:

Friends, family, and fellow visitors of the Futaleufu,

If you haven't heard of the natural disaster that has struck the little town of Futaleufu, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news. About 40 miles away from the town, a "dormant" volcano called Volcan Chaiten erupted 3 times: Thursday, Sunday and yesterday morning. This covered the town of Futaleufu in 15 inches of ash. The country folk and townspeople were forced to leave their belongings and evacuate due to lack of drinking water and obvious health hazards. There are still people that chose not to leave, as they do not want to leave their animals nor way of life.

Our communication was good with our neighbors of the Azul valley until yesterday. Now the phone lines are dead and they have evacuated to Argentina, bringing only a few precious items in their little car.

We have been hearing reports from friends and coworkers in the valley that there is a dire need of supplies that the government isn't providing. Some of the obvious are masks and filters for drinking water.

Although we will help rebuild the fragile community of tourism, we need a team backing us. Aren Rane and Jon Clark are going to fly down with some mandatory supplies of first aid, dust masks, water filters and funds. They are preparing to help clean up the aftermath of dead livestock, collapsed roofs, and dealing with whatever the ash has done to the surrounding areas. Please help us in this effort. We have started a fund called the Futaleufu Relief Fund and all of the money donated will go directly to the locals, food, animals and supplies for the cleanup. Any help from you here will go a long way there. We are staying close to the phones and internet, organizing for the departure and keeping informed.

If you have any questions, suggestions or just want to send your care and concern, you may call or write us anytime. The fund information is below and is set up for direct deposit, paypal, or post office. By working together we can help the local people of the Futaleufu Valley and they will know that they have friends in their time of need. Thank you!

Warm Regards,

Sarah VanGelder-Rane
[email protected]

> Check payables to: Futaleufu Relief Fund
> P.O. Box 2344 Taos, NM 87571
> Bank info:
> ABA#307083665
> New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union
> P.O. Box 8530
> Albuquerque, NM 87196
> Account # 0029724010

paypal: [email protected]
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no tengo
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some insane photos of the eruptions (its not over yet apparently)

Amazing pictures: The lightning storm that engulfed an erupting volcano | the Daily Mail

and good article from BBC

BBC NEWS | Americas | Fresh fears over Chilean volcano
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Still erupting yesterday

As of yesterday, the volcano is still erupting. Apparently, when it first erupted, ash reached elevations of 30km into the atmosphere.

If anyone else hears any updates please let me know. I lived there a year ago and still have been unable to find out if any of my friends there are okay.


Article in an Australian paper:
Saturday 10th May 2008
Chaitén Volcano, Chile

Eruptions continue at Chaitén volcano in Chile. Small pyroclastic flows have been observed at the volcano descending eastwards into Raya river. Yesterday, the eruption column reached an altitude of 14 km at 2pm, and drifted northeast. A new crater has opened up at the western base of the dome. Seismic monitoring equipment has been moved from the town of Chaitén to a safer location on Talcán island. The number of volcano-tectonic earthquakes remains constant at 35 events per day, concentrated on the outer regions of the volcano. Two large explosions occurred on 6th and 7th May (23:35 hr). A shallow reservoir of magma at 5 km depth has been ascending towards the surface. Breaking of rock in the conduit due to magma ascent has been responsible for the large explosions. An ongoing hazard at the volcano is the collapse of eruption columns, or dome collapse, creating pyroclastic flows which descend radially from the volcano into adjacent valleys. Helicopter overflights will continue to visually monitor the volcano as well as retrieve seismic data. The alert level remains at the highest rating, RED.
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Hello to all interested in this event and anyone that has ever wanted to visit the Futaleufu. Please open your hearts and give something to Aren and Sarah at projectfuta2. These are great people who are keeping it real. Their home and valley has been devastated and needs our help. Most of the people who live in and around Futaleufu are farmers or shopkeepers who make less in a year than we do in a few weeks. whitewater kayakers have been a real boost to their economy. Now let's really help them and have Aren and Sarah buy some water purification for the residents of the Futa Valley. This is one of the most spectacular places in the world to go paddle. It will be again, but the people there definately make a huge part of the experience of Chile'. Please help!
Thanks for listening and act now!
Mike Karpel
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