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caspermike - Deer Creek


I gotta thank you for running your mouth on here about the Deer Creek area. It's quite the coincidence that you start blabbing about how great the creeks are around Casper, and now the Deer Creek access is closed. It was quite the secret spot for locals for fishing, hiking, and sightseeing (it doesn't sound like kayaking was very popular on it until you let the cat out of the bag). Now you have green plates running around all over up here and the access is closed.

You had to know that the ranchers wouldn't like to see Greenies running all over their land didn't you? No resident wants to see anymore areas of Wyoming turn into Glendo, Gray Reef, or the Snowies. The majority of Wyomingites like to keep the special parts of our great state a secret, but you had to blow it for that area. I all I can say is thanks for ruining it for the rest of us.

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Don't be a douchebag NIMBY. Even if access is closed because of kayakers, it's because of how the kayakers behaved themselves, not because someone tried to be helpful to fellow boaters.

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Yes, yes! Let us judge a man, not by the color of his skin, but by the color of his license plate.
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ohh you are beyound retarded, you make the special kids look great... for your knowledge access is closed because motorbikes and atvs were not staying on the road at the bottom of banner ranch, they were trashing the hill after the third turn on the right..... the dude who owns the property closed access he's had the stay on road signs posted since ive been heading up that way in elementary school....... so you know their was only one group last year that ran it. ben stooksberry, eric seymour, gary e, aaron mulkey, alex milburger and myself, no colorado kayakers and had wyo far as my knowledge is correct no boaters have been that way this year.... and it was open for weeks after that day......

how did we close the access? don't be retarded. also the gate was locked at the beginning of last year. may be open now... and so you know deer creek kicks ass for kayaking... or shit if you had a sack you would figure that out yourself.

and i agree it does suck that access is closed for time being... now lets not be retarded.

so you called me out for what? we are hitting boxelder tonight i feel like rumbling meet me at the putin at 5 dbag.

and so you know i kayak so i need boaters to kayak with sometimes they might be greenies, damn you must be a liberal? no freedom huh. suck a nut.

btw your shit says laramie... some local...
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quit being a dbag anyways. nobody truely owns anyland because we all get off the no greenies shit up here.... boaters kick ass. they are not the same camping at mircle mile bunch.. they are damn near wyo bro. so suck a nut once again...

sorry for the language and if it bothers anybody except for the dumbass dbag who makes wyomingites look like retards.
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I sound like a retard? You can't even string one coherent sentence together; lay off the acid.

Just because you didn't run it with greenies, doesn't mean that there aren't some lurkers reading your posts, who ran it. It's not too hard to get out a topo and look for Deer Creek near Casper.

People really do OWN land, and that's why the access is CLOSED and those land owners do judge you by the color of your plate, Coloradans have a horrible rep in Wyoming. Most Wyoming landowners don't appreciate them, and will shut down access.

Yeah I live in Laramie now, but I also lived in Casper for many years.
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Wy perhs what proof do you have of deer being closed because of boaters? There is substantial evidence as you drive down that road that the area has been trashed by 4x4 people. If you ask anybody about where to go off roading in the central wyo area deer creek is one of the first to come up.
Ya I understand that greenies aren't too accepted up here but I have seen a lot of green plates up there and that was before the deer creek trip posts and I can also say there haven't been that many people that are running it.
The area was closed because of the off roaders and hunters trashing the land and driving off of the roads.
Lay off the lame ass attitude and think shit through ya dumbshit.
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Originally Posted by Wy_perhs View Post
I all I can say is thanks for ruining it for the rest of us.
I would be really surprised if Mike's posting on here led to the closure of Deere creek. And Mike's defense that its a bunch of ATV and moto's seems alot more defensible than a few kayaks rigs with "green" plates. Mike is a good guy to boat with and has shown more than a few greenies around the area and seems to be to be respectful of the neighboring landowners many of whom I believe he knows.
Bottom-line: for you to jump on here to call one person out under the anonymity of the internet and a screen name is just lame. If you're gonna directly call someone out for something that they may or may not have contributed to, you should at least have the balls sign your name to it.
Chris Morrison
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Great thread, keep it up.

I especially like how Casper could not keep from playing the political card even in a thread about boating and access. The worst slam he can come up with is calling someone a liberal, touche'.

But Wy Perths you seem to be something of a charmer yourself, blaming someone for giving away your "secret stash" -so funny. If you want to be mad at someone be angry with the guy that owns the land, .......not that it will do you any good. You remind me of the chicks on Springer that used to go after the "other woman" heck you should be mad at your man, not his mistress right?

Keep up the infotainment.
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Cody, Wyoming
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I would have to agree that Mike has not in any way destroyed access to Deer Creek and that we can perhaps only blame our own fellow Wyoming ATV'ers and Red Neck 4x4 travelers but as I hear...... it could just be a greedy landowner with lots of money willing to fight the system. A friend of mine says the landowner has lots of money and is trying to close access to his private oasis and it has nothing to do with Kayakers and to make that statement is simply foolish, childish and has no grounds. I would be willing to put money that you have never even been on Deer Creek in a Kayak unless you were with Ed Conning and a few other old timers when they first ran it.

Im sick of people like you, I have been called out for telling people about the Big Horns with anonymous emails blasting me to keep my mouth shut. The only reason people like myself and Mike tell others is because we need partners and a crew to join us because nobody else wants to paddle or can paddle at a certain level. Where are your type of people when the rest of us are posting for partners to paddle with?

If your going to call someone out you better put your name to it especially when your statement has no weight.

Aaron Mulkey
Think BIG
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