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BV playpark report

I'm a river runner and no longer a playboater but I know what I'm looking at in the world of playboating. Here's what I saw on Sunday as I walked the park.

The various features are coming in with different results at the current levels (high 600's Sunday afternoon). The "Uptown Hole" still isn't very friendly but the work done last week has made it less sticky. We'll see what develops as levels rise. The "Staircase Hole" had a number of boaters staying to play. Nice friendly hole, usable shoulders, good eddy service. Seemed like a good feature that intermediates and experts alike enjoyed. The feature below called the "Pocket Wave" was heavily reworked this winter and looks to need more water to start standing up. There is a player's right shoulder that looks like it would give up some tricks but other features are better at this level and folks were playing elsewhere. Can't wait to see this one with more water. The "Downtown Hole" is coming in but not powerful at this level and again there were other spots that were holding boater's attention.

Watched a variety of boaters on the new feature at the bottom of the park yesterday. Oh yeah! Again, level was high 600's on the Granite gauge. This is more or less the summer recreational release level so this feature will be here like this (or better?) through the boating season. The feature is a nice sized wave with a retentive foam pile, maybe 3' tall. Its very fast and has nice shoulders especially on player's right. It seems like as big and nice a feature as one could generate with 600 cfs to work with. I heard comments like "spicey", "this is a home run" and "I'm done river running while this is in."

Dustin showed up from a road trip late in the day and I got to watch him suss out the spot and what was available to a world class boater. He stuck huge Loops and related Loop tricks, Blunts, a Clean Blunt, Back Blunts, Mcnastys, Blunt Mcnasty combos. Tried a Helix and an Air Screw but I didn't see him stick either one of them. Both seem available as he and others learn the spot.

Really exciting to see this feature come in. The hope is that we're looking at a small version of what will develop as the water comes up. It doesn't look like it will wash out and if it does hold its shape we're looking at a large world class wave in BV! The BV Pro Rodeo is this coming weekend and water levels are rising...

Congrats to everyone involved in this project. The feature is already a huge success and the spot is a great arena for spectating. Some are calling this feature the "Low Dow" for lower downtown hole but I prefer The "World's Wave"... I think there will be some video available soon.


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Thanks for the info Phil. Looks like we should hold off on BV until the water comes up a little bit more. Steamboat and the Poudre may be the call for this weekend. It's hard to get a real feel for everything on the computer. Thanks for the heads up.
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Shit man we must have been typing the same message..

And yes the lower hole is that good.. She has more like 1100cfs in there this am.. It is just a unreal spot....

Paddlefest should see flows of 1300+ here in town, 500 or so on lake, 200+ on clear, and 1000+ up in piney.. Everything will be flowin and the party starts on Wed with pimp n ho and lasts until Sat night.. This weekend will be one of the best of the summer to hit up BV!!!
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Water higher, feature bigger, shoulders more defined. The early birds from the pro tour are showing up and this morning's session was fun to watch as paddlers are discovering the newest wave in CO. D added an Air Screw and a Clean Pan Am to what has been done on the feature.
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how's the wind down at the hole?

maybe that helped pick Dustin up for that Air Screw
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Well it looks like they just started to dump out of twin.. Looks like - by 5 or 6 pm here in town we should have another 200 - 300 cfs. It will be fun to watch this spot as the flows come up this week..

Looks like the flows got here just in time for summer!!
"I feel better than any other time when I am in the mountains and uh I cant explain it ya know...." - Shawn Farmer..........
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Here's a shot of the new wave from this morning around 800 cfs: LoDo Wave on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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Wow!!!! These BV locals weren't kidding. This new lower feature is really amazing! I had an incredible session there this afternoon. The feature by the staircase is fun too. Kudos to whoever designed that feature. I will most definitely be driving back down to BV to enjoy this new wave as much as possible.
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I did a tour of the BV park last night and here is what I saw. Flows were 1000 cfs, warm air, clear skies.

Upper hole is sticky. Just no coming in like it used to. Just head down stream, you will be stoked.

The bottom 4 features are going off. Bottom 4 are......

Staircase(Midtown)-river wide fluffy and easy going wave, paddlers were looping huge and spinning and surfing all day.

Pocket Wave- Great wide hole in the center of the river with awesome eddy service on both sides.

Downtown(South Main boat ramp) River wide wave/hole, super user friendly, easy cartwheeling and surfing moves being had.

LoD0- New wave at the bottom of the park- Well this is the first real fast wave I have seen in a town park. It is very cool to see this type of feature, it is much different that what you are used to in BV. Big, fast, stacking wave, with solid shoulders. Paddlers where blunting big and doing all sorts of wave moves. This is where the BV Pro is planned for this weekend.

So in a nutshell, just drive to South Main Town Square and park across from the Eddyline Brewery. You will see the new LoDo wave, walk up stream to the Staircase, about 5 minutes, then paddle all 4 features on the way down. You will have a blast.

This weekend there will be free demos at the South Main River Park, so no excuse, come down and try new boats for free in the new features, you will have fun.
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