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Broken paddle, need advise

I just broke my third paddle (AT3) and I am looking for a new one. I'm looking for super durable and I don't care about wieght. I'm broke and I have to have the bent shaft. So far the Waterstick Karma looks the best at $251 but I don't know anything about the quality. Any advise would be greatly apprciated.


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Go Werner. The blades stay on reliably (unlike Waterstick), and just wear down to that Q-tip shape with extended use. Which is good, because means that the reduced blade size is easier on the worn-out tendons in your elbows and shoulders.

Me, though? I'm aiming for one of those Woody's, they look sick. All the gracefulness of a Mitchell without any of the worry of shattering a delicate slalom blade.

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hehe : I'm in the same "boat". My paddle broke at Lyon's at the end of last year and I have yet to replace it. Prefering lefty paddles has also played a factor. Everything seems to be made for righty paddlers.

In the mean time I picked up a low-end Werner from Galyon's (?sp) to cover me until I can save up for a decent paddle. Other than being the wrong orientation, it works well for me.
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I posted a question a week or so about bent shafts,and it seemed to me that most peaple favored the woody,but the price is way outa my reach. So the second fav was the waterstick carma,but when I called colorado kayak up to get me one. They said that they were not selling them at this time because the blades are falling off. So I went with my first choice AT4 everyone claimes they feel heavy,but in reality they are 3 ounces lighter than the waterstick.Bottom line if you want something that is strong ,and priced reasonable go wit AT4, If you want the best.....well you know.
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My Werner bentshaft player has really taken some abuse, a few times lifting the blade outta the water expecting to see mangled fiberglass but its held together. The only other paddle i'd even consider right now is the Woody.

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Try Riots bent shaft

Try Riots bent shaft.
This paddle is tough, it can really take an ass woopin, and it's priced fair
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what good is a paddle that is incredibly durable if you hate the thing?

I say you must demo a paddle that feels good and then ask specific questions about its' durablitiy to current/previous users.

I've never seen or heard of many Werner paddles breaking, but I hate them. The shaft to me feels all wrong. On the other hand, AT paddles you hear break all the time, but it's what I paddle with 'cause I love the indexing. I assume you like AT as well so I might suggest an AT2-E.

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well its the most expensive paddle out there but i really think it will hold up. I paddled it all last season on a demo and i loved it. Werner's double diamond. You will pay almost $450 for it but hands down it is the best paddle out there.
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I've broken a paddle each year for the past several years. I've gone through an aquabound, a lightening, and this year a werner. The paddle I liked the most was the werner, it was really strong but when I pinned on a rock with it taking most of the force it broke (as most paddles would). To replace it I bought the AT4, it was the cheapest bentshaft I could find and the guy I bought it from said that he hadn't heard much about hte AT4's breaking like other AT's. So far I like it and it has held up well, but I think rioter is right, if you have a paddle that you like and you can afford it then that's the paddle for you.

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To begin, I stand by Werner and their paddles.


"Werner's double diamond. You will pay almost $450 for it but hands down it is the best paddle out there."

I think might miss the mark. All WW is not created equally, just like paddles. Moreover, my double diamond is being repaired up in Washington as I broke one of the blades. Also, one needs to realize most of Colorado WW is real shallow. Thus, to not consider curability, you will be like me, waiting on the UPS guy. Really get out there and demo everything and see what feels right, and when it comes time to buy enlist the shop guys for consideration on durability.

For me, my vote hits one of Werner's bent shaft paddles with the real light carbon blades. Strong, light, kick a**.
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