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Broken Jefe?

Ok, so I don't have one... I'm just curious, but I've seen three LL Jefes crack under the seat. On Saterday a relatively new one split wide open on the Rio Embudo. Props to Leif for paddling it out anyway through all the gnar. Has anyone elce noticed this pattern?

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Those things suck, I broke one on the embudo too. I would recommend buying one if you want to drop alot of $ on a boat that will only hold up for one year. Talked to liquid logic and it sounds pretty standard too, they will sell you a replacement hull for alot of $ though, so you can swap out your broken outfitting from your last jefe and pray you get another year, so you got that going for ya.
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Man that sucks....I've really been wanting to buy a jefe....oh well, guess I'll just stick w/ my trusty CFS which has lasted me 5+ seasons of rock bashing......

Chorter....sounds like you are a boat abuser....what do you paddle?
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I got a blunt now, still the best boat ever made. I can't believe Necky phased it out for the crux, I ran some shiat in B.C. with the guy who designed the crux, he left the crux on the roof and took the blunt. When I asked him why he wasn't boating the crux he asked me what I would take, enough said. Best boat ever, if you find another blunt sell it to me.
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i broke a jefe last year...on the sidewall right next to my hip....anyways, Liquid Logic replaced the entire boat at no charge.
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Mine started with creases under the seat, which inevitably lead to cracks... in the middle of Encampment at high water. It was under a year and I paid $330 for a new shell. Go to LL's forum and you'll hear more of the same.

Love the boat otherwise and it seems to be holding up a little bit better here in the pacNW, but the Burn looks to be the boat of choice for the water up here so I think I'll be switching to that in the near future.
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I am in my 8th? season with my blunt, plus i bought it used from my buddy Brad back in North Carolina. He sold it to me cheap saying that it was already past prime. Hands down the most in-destructive boat i have paddled, but weighs a ton.
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First off... Embudo at 2.9, hmmmm. Were ya maybe asking to break your boat there lifechild. That is not running. Round here we call that shlicken. Luckily for the rest of his crew there were no nearby airports.
Second the Jefe breaks about as much as say... any other new boat out on the market. Pagel broke his brand new mega rocker in three runs, fixed it and then broke it in a different spot the next day. Yes, I like LL boats but the Jefe has lasted me as long as any other boat currently on the market (Blunts and Y-boats are a diff story). All I'm saying is this idea of a pattern of boats breaking is not limited to the Jefe - and Liquid Logic's warranty program has got to be one of the best in the industry. It is pretty standard that all newer boats will break if you run the Mank.
And Chorter how much did you pay for your new hull vs. how much you sold it for on the buzz??? hmmm.
Evan Stafford
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boats break

I broke 2 riots, i've seen multiple broken pyranhas, the list goes on. As boats get newer companies try to make them lighter. If you pick up a Jefe and then you pick up a Y you'll feel the difference. You sacrifice new lines, more rocker, and less weight for durability. Seems fair to me, I'd rather hike in with 40 lbs on my back than 50, have the extra rocker to help with pearling, and the new outfitting rather than duct tape. But in the same respect, some people learned to boat in the older boats so it's no big deal to just keep using them. Boat what you like, that's the point right? I like my Jefe, one friend likes his solo, the other his huck, a topo, a freefall, a magnum, a mystic, whatever, my crew all use different boats and it's cool because we all like different things about each boat. The trend in boats is that in the battle of plastic vs rock plastic is at an extreme disadvantage, but all boats can break and that's a fact. So pick your boat, and use it to have fun. If you got good use out of it, it's probably a good boat, if not, maybe it's time to move on to the next.
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I don't know what you're talking about. I break rocks with my boat all the time. Only thing that breaks rocks better is my helmet.
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