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View Poll Results: Which Brands have you managed to break?
Liquid Logic 15 19.23%
Pyranha 26 33.33%
Jackson 17 21.79%
Dagger 19 24.36%
Wave Sport 32 41.03%
Bliss-stick 6 7.69%
Fluid 1 1.28%
Eskimo 7 8.97%
Riot 10 12.82%
Prijon 5 6.41%
Necky 2 2.56%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 78. You may not vote on this poll

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Broken Boats Poll

I was curious about a couple of things.
First off whose plastic seems to be the strongest.
If a boat breaks what do you guys do with it? Fix it? Let it sit in the basement? Recycle it? Warranty it?
How many of you guys have broken boats just sitting around?

Here's a poll to see which boats break most. (Yes I know this poll does not take into account that some boats are more popular then others.)

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They make nice planters for the yard. Pretty flowers.

The strongest plastic ever comprises the hull of the Necky Blunt. I just can't break it.
I hope in the future Americans are thought of as a warlike, vicious people, because I bet a lot of high schools would pick "Americans" as their mascot. -Jack Handy
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Golden, Colorado
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The only one that I couldn't seem to wear out was my first kayak: an old WaveSport Godzilla.

Any boat will eventually break. I even broke an Embudo. All it takes is one swim. Or go off a 6 footer backwards and piton... that's how you pop rivets in the outfitting. My Embudo was a dead piece of meat when I gave it away and that has got to be one of the toughest boats out there.
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Denver, Colorado
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Broke two dagger nomads. When the second one broke, I bitchithaned it up, but hull flexing around the crack kept making the crack grow. I cut out a 2.5 ft long boat width section of the first boats cracked hull, and wedged it under the seat of the second cracked boat. A double hulled creeker! It worked for the titanic, why not for a creeker. The cracked boat is leaky as hell, but its the go to mank boat for this season.

I've got parts and pieces from the cracked boats in the garage. Was thinking about trying to do some plastic welding on it as the bitchithane / double hull still hasn't stopped crack propogation even though I've drilled the ends out a couple of times.
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What you really want is a companion poll that says, which boats have you owned?

Personally I've owned 3 creekboats: 1 broken Jefe, 1 broken M3, one Jefe waiting to be broken. I've owned 3 playboats, all Wavesports, no breakage.
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I've only owned one boat prior to this year, (buying an Allstar) and it was an old Riot Tekno mfr 2002. Developed a 5" crack right under the seat towards the end of last year.
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I'm on my 3rd Jackson SuperFun. First one (05) was sold in great condition. 2nd one (07) was a part of the badly baked batch of blue boats (how's that for alliteration?). I fixed it with the famous duct-tape patch technique found on the Buzz- which seems to work really well. Blue is still sittin' at my place waiting to be turned into the first ever SuperFunStar. Now I'm in the replacement hull (the Green Machine) which is holding on strong despite my repeated beatings. By the way Jackson has great customer service.
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I can't vote as none of my 3 boats have "broke". But I will tell you something has changed in the life of Wave Sport over the past 8 years. I have an old Z that has been through 3 owners and countless swims during my first few years. And I'm an avid member of the Poudre Scrappers club. It has no oil canning, not even a hint of wearing out.

I have 3 friends with EZG's that have ALL broken in some way or another.

A note on Jackson... I was speaking with Dave at Rocky Mountain Adventures here in FC. He said Jackson stopped producing the blue boats because of plastic issues. Of those who have voted for Jackson boats, are they blue?

Ha... I wrote this over the last hour.... I see we're on the same track ^^^^
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Denver, Colorado
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I agree that they don't make them as strong anymore as they used to.
My first boat, a WS Kinetic - was so bomber. Never a hint of oil-canning or a gouge that worried me.
My next boat, a Dagger Id (circa 2002) was also bomber - paddled it HARD for 5 seasons in all sorts of water, including Colorado Class 5-minus, and plenty of Clear Creek runs, and it never oil-canned and never had a deep gouge.
But now, I have a Kingpin (circa 2004) and it's severely oil-canned and warped in places. I broke two Nomads last year - one cracked under the seat for no good reason, and the other got busted to hell while running Gore Rapid without me (I mighta deserved that one).

A good plastic welder is a great thing - had a huge hole in the nose of the second Nomad as well as a long, fine, but clean-through crack along the cockpit coping, and this dude welded it for me and filled in the gaping hole in the nose with fresh plastic -- all in all it cost me $175, but the boat is GOOD AS NEW.

I also have a new Dagger Rx, and I somehow put a substantial gouge in it on Parkdale, and I have no idea how it happened.
You can tell that the plastic on my three newer Daggers is different than the plastic on the Id, a couple years older. It just feels different to the touch. It's sad.
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In the last 6 years

My first boat, the arc is still going strong.

Broke three superez's(all warantied). Plastic issues.
Superez number 1 is painted like a hipoo cut in half and is a plant alcove.

Broke numerous backbands. Wavesport stitching aparently sucks.

4 paddles, (3 at 4's in as many weeks, waranty is awesome)the only survivor was the werner but the blades are worn down(@1 year)
My brand new riot paddle that exploded a week after I got it(they wouldn't waranty it), is now the drying rack in the back of my ford.
Never broken a helmet knock on wood, and they have taken some hits.

Paddling two jacksons now. Should be interesting. Also paddling an ATStandard, which has already taken some hits and is still ticking.
God Bless SKA Brewery-Sturgeon General
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