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Brazos is running

Everybody knows that NM is having the worst drought in history. Nothing much is going to flow at all. But the brazos is good to go right now. A group of us hiked in from the bottom to hit a few of the drops coming out of the second canyon. Big and juicy. The flow was probably around 600-700cfs. A bit high for the whole run but it is dropping as we speak. Not sure if the putin is still snowed in, but if it isn't, the entire run is on. Below is a link to flows at Chama at La Puente gauge.,00060
As far as we have figured out, the Brazos is about half of that flow. 200-500 cfs for the whole run is good. 500 cfs would be beefy. It will probably flow for another week or so. Remember that there is no 100% accurate guage for the run, La Puente is just a good guess. Best way is to go to the takeout and get a visual before running it. Also getting to the putin is hectic and on private land, you could get turned away, but is you get past all that then you will be rewarded with a trip of a lifetime. Link below is to my website, click on Brazos river and a map and directions will be downloaded to your desktop. This map has new takeout directions that are different than the CRC quidebook.
ps, miles to the new takeout are an estimate, keep your eyes peeled for the road described.

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Hey atom,
thanks for the post.
Are you taos guys thinking of a weekend run? Friday?
What is the safest group size for Brazos. Had a little incident on the piedra yesterday and it has got me really concerned with saftey the caliber of the what the brazos could throw out if we choose to go in. I have beta from some Dur boaters about last year, but...
-Also, are all drops runnable? How many need to be carried/rappeled?
Thanks for your help,
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Hey Floaty,

You should buy,beg,borrow, or a steal a copy of Atom's video The Funnel. Good footage of the Brazos that's better than words. They portage a few drops in the video for sure.
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running it

hey Johnny,
The brazos is a pretty serious class 5-5+ wilderness run. Not much option to get out once you have commited to the run. I would say that anyone attempting it should be a very solid class 5 boater. There are many must make eddies above some unrunnable drops. We had 6 folks on our trip last summer and 4 would have been better. 6 made for some uncomfortable crowding in less than ideal situations. I also think that it is important to have a solid probe on the trip, we lucked out having Dunbar Harding as ours, he probably saved us numerous scouts by catching micro eddies and checking stuff out. The run can and has been done in a day, but I would highly recommend a 2 day trip. That would ease the stress factor and give you some options if things went wrong. We might hit it again if all goes well. You don't need someone who has done it to lead you down, just have a solid probe and good safety and take your time. It is a beautiful place.
hey Schizzle,
Give me a shout, be cool to boat with you up in your area. Adios, Atom...
action is the enemy of thought
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I'm Your Huckleberry. I would like to run the Brazos this weekend. If anyone is intrested, give me a call. I live in the D-town.

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Father of illegitimate San Juan sasquatch children, Climax. CO
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Looks like a solid season after all,
-I talked to Jared J about the run last year. Of course it got postponed because of toltec last year. Is that correct? It has been awhile. I dunno. Jared was on his way out and there was so much ground to cover. Toltec seemed to ground what was going on during that week.
-There is a new crew that seems very interested in this run. I just had a little wake up on class IV low piedra. Wierd circumstances. But those circumstances could very easily happen on this run, not that they will. I think that the crew is solid. I talked to you about the upper box awhile ago and your beta was right on. Safety is prominent. I know we all can run it. I just want to make sure we are prepared.
-thanks for the beta. I just wanted to know if there was anything really unexpected to portage other than anything on the video.
Could i give a call to talk,
John wade
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Front Range, drop me a line.
Kyle McCutchen
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Here are some pics from our run last year which might be helpful. Having a shuttle driver for this run is manditory, so pay them well! I would second everything that Atom has said, but would add that the remoteness of this run is much higher than the Black Canyon with much harder drops, so prepare your emergency gear and safty (clothes, food, etc) accordingly.
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