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boxelder creek V+ (p's, NR) trip report

the trip started just as planned with the low elevation snow melting off and the main snow pack just starting combined to give us enough water. Pat Toft, Luke Rodolph, Aaron Mulkey and I geard up and set shuttle. we put on about 9:30 for the 1st know descent. it started off with a low water scrap in and the rapids started to pick up in intensity the furter in we got.

from 80 feet a mile to 360 is a big difference. the first little class IV is a tight squeeze into quick river left move avoiding a wall it pushes you into on river right. a little ways after that is a series of nice class IV drops witha portage around a nasty little drop with some wood in it. this is were aaron realized that his jackson was leaking, the crazy thing is he didn't hit anything hard enought o break it it just broke. further down creek comes to a sweet 15 footer tier. its starts with a class IV lead in to a perfect roaster that you want to boof so you land falt on the next shallow shelf into a sweet 8 foot pourover. super shallow on the good drops. a little furter it comes to a tight section that follows to a 10 boof onto more flat rock were the creek drops 15 feet on a super shallow and manky slide.
aaron hiked out of the canyon shortly after this drop and the 3 of us continued. we had another friend who backed out before putting on who took some video from the rim and had an extra boat. the plan was for aaron to hike and and grad a blisstick scud and hike back down above hairy beaver with is the official entrance to the box.

we portaged 2 super manky drops with would be runnable with a little more water
furter down is dung ball, hairy beav. after hairy beaver you are in the box and its harder than hell to hike out until after balls to the wall. theres a portage before balls to the wall which is a beautiful 20 footer onto rocks. the creek bends left and this is the entrance to balls to the wall. we had pat and luke stay up above that drop incase we needed to be roped out and aaron went in follwed by me. the guys decided to start there portage on river left which isnt recommended. we caught river right eddy where we tied me to a rope and i scrambled the left wall where i was some what able to get a some what descent view and it was way bigger than i imagined. balls to the wall was a super commiting set of moves with the consequenses in obvious site. a tight double drop dropping 10feet and ending with a 8 foot boof into the next 25+ nearly 30 onto almost flat rock. with a cave out room on the right which it automatically pushes you in. the cave would surge enough that you could peel out between the falls and the cave wall... there isn't anywhere good to set safety for this drop so its you and the canyon. aaron and i decide to blue angel it and to have him right on my tail. we style the first half of balls to the wall i catch the eddy inbetween the 2 drops and aaron is flying on through. the scud he was paddling couldn't generate enough speed so he kept on going. i remember seeing him paddle over the edge of the waterfall and i wait 1 second before peeling out and nailing my line. (this drop could seriouly fuck up your back if you don't hit it right its ugly) i see him upside down and we are both in the eddy in the cave. the water is so much foam that his boat is barely above the water and he can barely get his head out. he missed his roll a couple times and ended up swimming in the now called room of doom. he grabs on to my stern and he was than able to grab on to a good size crack in the room and climb up out of the water. i tried peeling out 3 times before i got it the 3rd time with the help of the surge. i run the next 6 footer up around the corner where i knew i could get out of my boat and up the left wall. i scramble around the rocks as im running back up river to aaron. i was blowing my wistle like crazy. i made it down to somewhat river level and my throw bag was to dam short. he was about climbed out of the room of doom by than. i tell him its alright around the corner and he was able to get a good leap over the boil that pushes you into the room of doom. this is were we lost aarons paddle. the boat was pinned in the next drop which is the official exit to the gorge. we get the boat unpinned and hike out. the other were not able to get to us until aaron and i were back down stream unpinning his boat.
we hiked up the gulley to the truck parked at the rim and we reached the truck at about 5:00

there's still another half a canyon of total different character ready to run with more water. ill keep posted and pictures should be coming soon.
class V+ for sure.

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TR's without trip reports are like strip clubs without dancers.
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Can you ask someone to help you with your TR? Maybe help you out with punctuation, spelling, writing complete sentences, when to use a paragraph, etc. Sounds like a great run, but the TR looks like it was written by a 10 year old.
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Ahah pics coming soon. i know you guys have reading problems so.
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way to go get it done. give him a break he wrote the TR fast so he could get it out to us.
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Likes it wet.
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But we have given him a break... on his previous 612 useless posts.

But anyways... sweet Mike. The pictures should be good.

In the future stick to pictures (like the books you're most comfortable with) and leave the writing up to someone else.
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alright i'm wrote it at work and i didn't sleep a bit last night. i could've waited and typed it up all week so its perfect or better yet keep this run a secret......
you can get the gest and take life for what its for. im not an english teacher im a kayaker and as far as i know you don't need an degree to run 5+
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Guy hits a sweet first D and is kind enough to share it with you and you blast him for bad grammar, etc? WTF?

Way to get it on, CMike. Give us the pics, dude!
I hope in the future Americans are thought of as a warlike, vicious people, because I bet a lot of high schools would pick "Americans" as their mascot. -Jack Handy
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So I finally joined the swim team, and as of know im finally off many of you buzzards hit list. GaryE was very disapointed as it was his goal for the season. I can think of many mistakes made on my part one being that when your boat breaks dont go and grab a boat that is set to fit a guy that is over 6 foot tall. I stuffed some foam and a shirt and throw bag in the front to bring up the feet and ripped out my hip pads out of my rocker which dont fit very well. Im working on a full trip report with photos and my swim story. Stay tuned in, I will get it up by the end of today!

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serious cahonnes on aarons part. he was faced with running balls to the wall blind and only going off of the words coming out of my mouth. serious cahonnes!!!!
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