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Bow stall tips?

I can get up on my bow but have trouble staying there. Any tips?

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Think of your paddle and boat like a tripod. Standing up will pull your boat over sitting down will sit the boat down correctly. Just about finding that spot and locking it in.
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Originally Posted by JoeB View Post
I can get up on my bow but have trouble staying there. Any tips?
Getting up is half the battle. Try to throw it down with your arms stretched out far from your boat so your tripod has a broad base. That gives you more stability. It also helped me to practice balancing bracing against something. For instance in the pool, use the side of the pool to get up and then try to balance with as little pressure on your hands as possible, then slowly push yourself out away from the side and balance as long as possible with just your hands. Like Mike said, if you're falling forward or backward, get the feel of how standing up or crunching forward affects your fore/aft balance. Like throwing the bow down, it just takes a lot of practice.
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A couple of "cheat" tips are to:

Calm pool: Try putting 10 gallons of water or so in your will find it easier to balance...then after you can balance begin by removing a gallon and find your balance etc...until you have no water!

Calm pool: Have a friend put you in position and hold you a bit why you balance and they can catch you if you get too off balance to save your energy from practicing so many times.
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Practice...Practice...Practice... I probably spent twenty hours or more this winter practicing it. Just keep at it.
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Bow stall

Use the arm on the opposite side of the side that you started your cartwheel on and punch deep into the water to kill your momentum. Brace into your tripod. Then you use your head and chin to control the stern angle. Chin to your chest brings you stern toward your head. Chin to the sky and the stern will drop away from you. If your paddle is too deep in the water your will struggle to keep control of the boat. If you can keep it closer to the surface you can use it to control you sculling action with the blades.

Peace and practice.
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I second the water in the boat...I did this at pool sessions in the winter. No matter how much people explain the balance it really is hard to understand until you feel it.
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The advice that helped me the most was positioning arms at about the angle of a military press.
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I like to keep my blades about 6-7 inches into the water, that way you can move those in any direction to help your balance corrections.
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Keep your head down close to the water and look deep towards your toes to obtain balance. This was some good advice given to me that has served me well.
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