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Boofaholics Anonymous

My name is Ryan and I am a boofaholic. Ever since my first boof back in the early millennium I haven't been able to quit. I search out every rock, pourover, dead mule, or whatever may be in my path, in hopes of catching air in my boat. It has been very distructive to my personal life. I have lost jobs, friends, and lovers due to my addiction. I have destroyed many a river vessels and caused many dollars worth of damage to myself a equipment. I have miscalculated strokes and hit rock bottom. I have lived on the streets and in dirtbag camps. I have woken up next to kayaks I couldn't recognize, realizing I had actually been "in" them. I now know that none of this is my fault, my jobs sucked, my friends were assholes, and you know what? I always felt satisfied after being with a lover as long as I was out the door and on the river before she woke up. Hitting rock bottow has always been better than any day not on the river. So fuck recovery! I will get cold sweats and shake profusely until that next sweet moment when that perfect launching platform sends me aloft and into liquid bliss.

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The first step in recover is admitting you have a problem.. Well done taking that first step. Now fall off the wagon and go boof something!
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Spits Hot Fire
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You are not alone in this battle of addiction. Stay strong. There is help available in the form of internet peer support groups and tunnel releases.
Your opinion doesn't matter when you're already biased.
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Denver, Colorado
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Funny, but true in my opinion. If you told a addiction counselor about kayaking and exchanged the work kayak for drug, you would absolutely be diagnosed as addicted. I've got the boof fever too. Adrenaline junkie is a fitting term.

Riding home from paddling last night... one of my buddies mentioned that he didn't have any friends outside of his paddling friends. Response was: good, why would you want to hang out with some other lame people anyway!
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With all these online boofing videos it's impossible to escape it. Ever been caught boofing in public? It's humiliating.
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I have heard they are haveing great results with a treatment of PBR in liberal amounts administered through a neoprene bootie. Although the study is not yet complete the treatment is showing some signs of sucsess although they are temporary at best at least it is showing some hope for the kayakaholic. Of course the consumption of mass amounts of PBR lead to others problems like the need for large amounts of turkey meat! Good luck with your boof remeber it's not gay..not that there's anything wrong with that!
Normal is a setting on your washing machine!
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I am an unabashed boofaholic. Why would I want to go back to pre-boofing flat water paddling,fight for a campspot on a permitted junkfest with all the other Class II-III yayhoos when I can run Class V boofing my way to bliss!? In your buzzard opinions what is the best boof in the state of Colorado? Best Boof for your buck. Most Boof's/ Mile? Best Boof anywhere? That boof on Heath Falls on the North Fork of The American looked like one of the best Boofs ever!

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Denver,, exhaustion
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My name is Anthony, and I am a boofaholic also. It has been 4 days since my last boof. I also have hurt the ones I love with this addition, mostly my beloved fluid solo.... but to a lesser extent my fiance. Everytime I boot off a rock and feel it gouge the bottom of my boat I always know that I should not have done that yet the addiction calls and the next pourover or barely covered rock I see I hit searching for that next hit of the beautiful "boof" sound.
I have been a subject in the clinical PBR trials.... while not a waste of time. It has done nothing to curb my cravings for the next boot hit.
"We should restore the practice of dueling. It might improve manners around here" -Edward Abbey
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Land of Lovin, Colorado
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Hi Anthony!
Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so, too. - Voltaire
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Hi my name is bob and I too am a boofaholic, and it is getting worse for me. I have had many boofs this season, some were huge and some were shorted and landed on rocks. but the ones I am most concerned for are the ones I have set on fire. It is true, if you scorch it, it will smolder and smoke. I left off the NSV earlyer this year with boofs so hot the tops of the rocks were on fire, i did not tell anyone and now fear I might have some warrants and could be charged with arson and face prison time. I am here looking for help.
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