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west slope, Colorado
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Boat Insurance......

State Farm will insure your raft and other boat gear up to like $3000.00 for $35-$60 bucks for the whole year....Its not a bad deal when you consider how much you have invested in your stuff.......Jah Love !!!

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Grangeville, Idaho
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Ok, so I’m at work right now looking into this whole kayak insurance thing.

With an Allstate Homeowners policy you are insured up to $1,000, and for a Renters policy up to $500 for “watercraft, including their attached or unattached trailers, furnishings, equipment, and parts.”

If you rent and currently don’t have a renters insurance policy you should really check into it. It covers all of your property, all the time, anywhere in the world. Again, give me a call and I can schedule your boating equipment under sports equipment on the policy. Out of around 17 people I have insured with a renters policy they have an average limit of $30,000 for coverage on ALL of their property including boats and gear(paddle). The average yearly premium for theses policies is $173 or $14/month. That includes everything like furniture, cloths, TV’s,…..everything you own…anywhere in the world that you have it. The airline lost you luggage and boat? Or all your gear and boat got stolen?…This policy covers you and will replace the items. I can only do this for Colorado residences only, so if you live in Colorado and want the comfort of knowing your gear is safe call me at 970-493-4263, and ask for Ryan. You won’t even have to come to the office to get everything you own protected from fire, theft, vandalism, freezing….
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Unincorporated Douglas County, Colorado
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Safeco Ins says my homeowners only covers to $1500.00 on watercraft, so my raft and frame need to be scheduled. My kayaks will fit under the $1500.00 coverage. Personal gear associated with the watercraft (dry boxes, coolers,camping gear) are covered under the the regular policy to 10% of the dwelling limit.
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Hi Greg,

Seems like your loss may help others avoid a similar problem.

I just got off the phone with my agent, and my rafts (3) and canoes (three) would only be covered up to $1000 under my current policy. I've already got the quote for additional coverage, which will run a couple hundred a year, but would be well worth it if some worthless no-good burgled or stole my pickup when it's loaded with a couple of big rafts and all the associated gear.

Good luck on recovering your stuff.

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Denver, Colorado
Paddling Since: 1994
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I've heard that submitting a homeowners insurance claim can have a really negative effect on your coverage and associated costs. If you do file a claim for a stolen boat or gear, is it going to ding you in the long run?
Sorry to hear that your gear got ripped off. I hope they nab the jackasses who did it.
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Join Date: Oct 2003
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I hope they get worked in a very retentive hole some day!
My roommate left our garage open today and it got me thinking that the same thing could have happened here. I'll definitely keep an eye out for you. Where do you live?
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Gnarnia, Colorado
Join Date: Jun 2006
Posts: 659
I just got off the phone with my agent and here's the deal from State Farm:

Raft - insured at $5700 (rubber, frame, oars)

Gear for raft - insured at $3000 (cooler, dry box, accessories, rescue gear, pfd's, kitchen, groover, camping gear, chairs, firepan, etc.)

Canoe (Dagger Caption fully outfitted) - insured at $2500

All this would run $150 per year.

However, and this is a big however, he said that there may be a need for liability insurance attached to these items, i.e. I take some kid down the Numbers and he falls out, gets hurt (or worse) and sues me, my homeowner liability policy may NOT kick in so I need to have liability for the boat. He's checking on this right now so I'll post his response. You'd hate to think that a "friend" that you take rafting would sue you if something happened but people sue for anything these days.

I have a sweet flatbed trailer that I haul my rig on and it's fully insured for $12 per year.

Get the insurance. If you had to replace your gear and didn't have it, it would suck.

My agent is great and very easy to work with (I get no kick back on this):

Tom Erickson, Agent
State Farm Insurance
(303) 447-2048
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DanOrion's Avatar
Indian Hills, Colorado
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Does homeowners cover if you get worked, swim and loose your boat/raft?
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rwhyman's Avatar
Unincorporated Douglas County, Colorado
Paddling Since: 2005
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Posts: 967
Under my Safeco homeowners insurance, I added on about $8100.00 worth of kayaks, gear and a raft for about $50/year.
My agent is currently looking into Dan's ? about losing a raft/kayak while on the river due to getting worked in a rapid or a rapid increase in flow while in camp and having something float away.
He's pretty sure it's covered under all instances because the items are scheduled. I'll post when I hear back from him.
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salida, Colorado
Join Date: May 2006
Posts: 299
you might ask your agent about what are the long term effects on filing a claim, I believe they can be severe. Just a thought.
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