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Boater etiquette: rafts vs kayaks

I ran the upper blue on Tuesday and one of the last holes before columbine had some kayakers off to the side. As I was approaching one got in the hole and did nothing but just stare at me. Having made plenty of eye contact, and the fact that I was in a 16' cat, I thought the guy was going to get out. He didn't. I could have missed the hole but that was the line and that's not what I'm about. So at the last sec I moved a little and raised my oar, he ducked and was fine. My question... Was I a dick? Or him? I guess I should have yelled at him to move... They didn't say anything ether so I thought they knew they were in the wrong. Does the downstream boater have the right of way? Or the person going downstream? Usually they get out of the way in a hurry but I just wanted to be courteous next time. Thanks

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He was a dick. You have the right of way and are the less maneuverable craft. He is a double dick.
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Boy Howdy!
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The larger boat has the right of way, have you ever seen an oiltanker move out ofthe way of a fishing boat?
He was the dick
Who's your monkey?
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Natural selection and Darwinism dictate that you get out of the way of things larger than you.
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I am a kayaker first and foremost although I own a row rig. I would not hesitate to run over a kayaker in my line because they were playing. Part of kayaking is avoiding rafts. Part of rafting is running over kayakers. I have been run over in my kayak and subsequently swam as a result. Such is life.
"We're gonna need a bigger boat"
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When I can I try to avoid kayakers or let them get a good surf if they're in a hole tearing it up and I can eddy out above or do a few back strokes to slow down and give them a moment more, but....

In the raft you'll get one chance to hit the wave/hole, he can paddle back up and get into it from the eddy after you've passed. He was an inconsiderate for not getting out of the way and an idiot for not avoiding the cat - imagine if you'd just mowed him over with the cat and clocked him with the aluminum tubes and kickbar?
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You are the dick eraser! Bigger boat has the right of way. Motors yield to drifters--unless they are committed to their line.
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rodeo boating is lame, with the exception of using it as roll practice so you can be a better paddler when your actually going somewhere on the river . that being said, he shoulda moved for the rafter and let him by. but..... damn rafts your slow as mollases and you dont care - my kayak is twice as fast ,so on the river either go, or eddy out and let us pass. 3-4 times in the process of avoiding a raft i had to roll out of a hole because i was busy avoiding your tank and not paying attention to the river. kayakers take the bigger risk- we can die out there, your lucky to get wet- so be a little more considerate and scoot over.
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While you may have the right of way, I think this applies in the "You're not wrong Walter. You're just an asshole" category. Technically you could run him over and feel smug that you were right and he got what he deserved but why? If there is a line up of kayakers it is probably a popular spot and IF it is safe and relatively easy to do so the courteous thing to do would be to let them play without having to worry about some gumby running them over. If you can't easily miss them I would eddy out or take a backstroke as Andy said to give them a little more time to clear out.
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You were the dick for not running him over. Sounds like he was askin for it. I have been bulldozed by a 16' foot cat before and it tought me real quick like who has the right of way. Education through bulldozation.
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