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Boat Repair question

Anyone out there have suggestions on the best way to repair a gash in the bottom of my creek boat? I have heard rumors about a product called bitchithane, but can't find any beta on it. Any suggestions???

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Its a roofing tape. find a contractor friend or call the retail stores and ask about a roll. or Don at confluence has some repair tape for $20 that bonds to the plastic on the inside of the boat. I also have to figure out what to do with my EZ.
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is all the way thru or just a gouge?
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traffic cones

In college we would melt traffic cones to the inside of damaged boats. Seemed to work OK...
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Drill out the ends of the crack to stop it from spreading, then use that roofing tape. Make sure your boat is nice and dry.

Dave Frank gave me some a few weeks ago. The stuff is amazing. I'd say it is mandatory for the river patch kit. I paddled with a 14" crack in the bottom of my boat for 2 weeks. (the boat is done now, but it kept me afloat for a few laps down SSV, Bear, and Escalante).

If you find some, let me know. I need another piece to patch my other boat. F#$%ing boats.
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Road Cone?


Now where would a person go to buy a road cone? Your not suggesting they steal one are you? The cost of stealing from CDOT, might be cheaper to buy a new boat after leagle fees.

Just kidding- well kind of.
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Home Depot has this plastic welding epoxy kit for about 20 bucks. It comes with two tubes of epoxy (specially blended for plastics) and a few thin strips of fiber material to use to span large gaps. You find it in the glue/epoxy section. I can't remember the name of it, I'm currently out and need to resupply so I'll head over there today after work and post again with the name of the stuff. It's supper light (little bit bigger than pack of smokes) stronger than most plastics, lays up and dries really fast. you can easily fix a boat on the spot. Last season we welded a huge gash on one of those cheap plastic american creek boats, dead center on the bow were you take the brunt of the blows and as far as i know it's better than brand new. If JimmyMcG is out there still he can attest to the durability and strength. I personally think it should be mandatory to carry this stuff for anyone still in a Dagger or Micro : )

FYI- Bitchathane(sp) isn't always tape. I've seen it in the form of thick plastic sheeting used around bathtubs and steam showers. So if you're calling around for it make sure you specify 'tape'.
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You can buy orange safety cones...
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Yeah, you can buy them, but if you look hard enough you can find one that has been 'abandoned' too. This way you kill two birds with one stone. Picking up highway department litter and fixing your boat. It's really a public service....

BTW, make sure you get the mushy kind that are shiny when new and kinda rubbery, not the plastic kind they don't melt well.
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Last year I got a tank of nitrogen and a hot air welder. I had a crack in the ass of my mutant late in the season and didn't have the money for a new boat. After ruining a old riot, I got the hang of it(sort of) and fixed the mutant. It's kinda tricky and sometimes does not work, but if it's a small crack, the weld holds fairly well. I still have the tank and welder, if you would like to give it a shot, give me a call 970 214 1336. Dan
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