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Commercial Paleontology
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Blue Pool Paddles

Just looking for some feedback on BP paddles. Anyone out there using them? How does the diameter of the shaft compare to a Werner....smaller or equal to the standard? How's the shape for orientation. As pronouced as an AT? How about blade size. What Werner paddle would it compare to? I paddle a powerstroke. How about durability?

Anyway just like to here some scoop.


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Commercial Paleontology
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Blue Pool Paddle

Isn't there anybody out there using a BP paddle? I guess that' feedback in itself. Still would like some info.

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Ft. Collins, Colorado
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Ive been using one of Ferdinand's Steinworth's Blue pool paddles for about 1.5 seasons now. I bought mine from Ferdinand in Costa Rica and im not sure if its the design that he is selling now. The only other paddle ive used extensively is a seven 2 plastic POS so I can't really say how it compares to a nice werner or AT. The main characteristics are bigger blades with more scooping which seems to give me a lot of power especially at the start of a paddle stroke and a lot of "flotation" when bracing. As far as durability it seems very durable, has the usualy wear on the edges but the blades seem beefier than a werner. ANother selling point for me was the price which was significantly less than a new carbon bent shaft werner or AT paddle. If you're around the fort and want to try it out feel free to PM me...
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I had a Blue Pools paddle and loved it, until it broke on me. It lasted about 1 month of abuse before i snapped it. Although, i was beating it up pretty bad and taking it off big waterfalls....what else can you expect. This paddle was sweet for the price and had an bad ass feel to it in the water. The blades where ultra-thin, but strong as hell. I would recommend them for the casual river running and its a sweet play paddle. Again, i broke mine in the Royal Gorge on this drop: (so i still regard it as a sweet paddle)

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I have two Blue Pool paddles and a helmet. The original paddle was from last year and I bought another one this spring when I had the opportunity to get another one as a back up. They are super durable paddles and did not show the wear that my old Werner showed after a season. The diameter of the shaft is similar to an AT/Werner. The bends in the shaft are not as radical as those on a Werner. They are a little straighter. As for weight they are supper light. Overall they are great paddles and helmets.
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bp paddles

First a couple of answers... the shaft would be on par with a regular shaft from Werner or the standard AT shaft. I think the orientation of the bend is most similiar to an AT meaning it is slightly thicker in the "handles" where the paddle is curved.

As far as durability, most folks down here in CR are having good luck with them. Ferdinand certainly stands behind the craftsmanship although he is not a huge company and you will have to work on a personal level with him to get a warranty, etc.

The blades are smaller than the Werner or AT blades although there is a new model he will be bringing to CO this week with slightly bigger blades I think.

PM me and I will give you his contact info if you have more questions. I think the paddles represent a lot of value and until I have a reason not to I will be paddling with one as well as stocking them in a retail venue soon.

Don't take it as a bad sign that there isn't a lot of info out there, remember this is just one guy making top of the line paddles. I would expect a similiar lack of feedback if you asked about Jimistix, Pothole, or Backlund and I would paddle with any one of those paddles too.

If you want to save money on a great paddle and don't mind dealing with a fellow paddler on warranty issues then buy one, if you're hard on your gear and need the backing of a Werner or AT sized company spend the extra $150 to $200 and buy one of those.
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Send a message via MSN to crcreeker
thanks to everyone who uses/likes my paddles, for the positive feedback!

it's all about trying to get better with my stuff all the time! my apologies to all who have tried to track me down and had a hard time doing it, it's difficult to get the word out and stay in touch while you're 100% committed to the design part, you get kind of carried away...

no website for the moment, still absorbed with r+d, as mentioned above, though hopefully this will soon change!


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Blue Pool Paddle

Please send contact information on where/how to purchase a Blue Pool Paddle.
Ferdinand, do you have a webb site?

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costa rica

Hola Ferdinand Steinworth

Myself and a friend will be in Costa Rica Jan 30-Feb 10 2018 for kayaking rivers. Any chance you offer a guide service for more difficult/remote rivers? We're also looking for a car rental that can carry kayaks without damaging rental car. We're from Colorado and have been boating for years and years all over. thank you!

Pura Vida

Tim Brown
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When I left Costa Rica Ferdinand and I weren't on speaking terms, so I don't have any contact information for him.

My recommendation would be to reach out to Mario Vargas Hernandez (Mario Huevo) he's the owner of Costa Rica Kayak School. He speaks fluent English, is an exceptional paddler, and will be happy to set you up for your trip.

BTW, I'm Matt J from above. Haven't posted here in years and was locked out of my account. Mod's, there doesn't seem to be a reset password option on the interface any longer.
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