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Durango, Colorado
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Black Canyon vid

From 2 weekends ago. This was my first time down. THanks to Ben showin us around we had no real carnage (other than him and Dano running ballcrusher upside down) The cave camp was amazing. Thank you to whoever (milo?) left the pots n pans n firewood down there. What an amazing trip! get some!

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Nicely done
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Denver, Colorado
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Nice movie.
EVERY TIME I see one of these Black Canyon posts, I want to do it sooo bad .... til I remember how friggin allergic to poison ivy I am.
Some day when they develop a vaccine, I'm there.
Looks like a great trip.
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crested butte, Colorado
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...pots and pans...

....fuck no i did not leave pots and pans for fact it sucks ass that people(you know who you are) are leaving shit down there...if you are a puss than don't carry the shit in....take only what you dumb ass can carry....fukin hedge trimmers?.... you punks are gonna get a temporary tatto from me...and when the MAGICAL IVY PLANT returns from the dead down there, i hope you get it in your eyes, corn hole and on your sack when you wheel out the next one....puss fucks....the rangers went down and destroyed the fire ring at cave camp...who started the morning fire?.....there's the fine in return.....sorry new mexico heavies.....the only thing i leave in the canyon is blood, sweat and tears.....and maybe a piece of my soul..... i dont even leave plastic tailings from my boat because i carry the thing the entire way.....not gettin' tooo self rightous but come on kids.... last year some chumps(sorry you are not really chumps but it was a CHUMPY move) left 10 pounds of macaroni at the camp.....needo guys thanks for the extra used to be a climber plastic tarp....that was kayakers are trashing the poles, packaged hooks & lures, flipflops, pots/pans and hedge trimmers?....we could just rename it confluence cave....after the trashed confluence park....not "swinging" on the 303....kevtee, look up chumpy and give me a full spellchecked report by me....cinnatool glad you liked the place.....was that your shit there? hobie and company? conhair finney and company?...the rangers need your addresses so they can send you your belongings and a fine....dont fuck this up for the few people who do like the place....i thought the canyon was a "pack it in...puff it out" kinda place........please pack out what you pack in....if you cant pull this off try a road side run...and please sign in...and pay the 3 bucks a head at chukar.....several months ago i was told by a super cool ranger that there was a new sheriff in "town" who carries the BOOK with him......kev tee, this means he is "by the book".............milo todd wynne 9702751890
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Nice reply Milo.....a true river steward. I haven't been in there (yet)....but I'd hate to see that shit too.
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Denver, Colorado
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Milo's noise is on-point.

We as kayakers need to live and paddle by "Leave No Trace" ethics every time and every place we paddle, whether it's a wilderness area or not - even shitholes like Confluence.
We need to have the best image possible when we try to argue for river access, block dumbass dams and other things. We need to be seen as good river stewards by everybody at all times. Really.

Don't be slobs out there. Take care of the rivers and canyons.
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Hell yea Milo...well said.
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Thought-criminal, Colorado
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Mike, are you sure it's the poison ivy you're allergic to and not the sivs?
I hope in the future Americans are thought of as a warlike, vicious people, because I bet a lot of high schools would pick "Americans" as their mascot. -Jack Handy
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God Amongst Men
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fishing debris at WW parks

is anyone else noticing a problem with fishing debris (old lures, hooks, bobbers, flies, etc) at their local water park? i go to the gunny park at least daily (not always to boat, sometimes just to sit by the river and chill) and just about every day I find some old lures, or some bobbers or an old line + hook or a fly.....just waiting for some unsuspecting person with bare feet to step on it!

i know as boaters we should respect everyone, but come on, why is fishing allowed at the white water park? how many miles of streams and creeks do fisherpeople have to go to where boats arent allowed, or simply cant go? we arent we entitled to our one zone free of fishermen? im not saying i dont like the fishermen themselves, im just saying the debris they leave behind is dangerous, and in a place like a whitewater park, where you have sun bathers, bbqr's, rafters, KIDS, dogs, etc running around with no shoes on, it just seems like it could be avoided very easily!

sorry, i dont want to hijack the thread, just speaking my mind to other complaints.....
"Don't f$&@ing eddy out, just run it! Whaddya doin??" -LMyers
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For the record, I left a pole there. We also noticed pots, tarp, and sandal you mentioned as well as other debris. We took out some trash like a sponge and old minor scraps of plastic but yep, I left the pole. If anyone gets down there soon please remove it. I hope to run it again this fall and will grab it if its there. My apologies Milo and others. We cleaned up after our trip pretty well but that little red pole was left with good intentions. Sorry they upset you, I see your point.

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black canyon, video

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