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Big South!

Bros and Bras,

Over the past few years the "flood gates" have opened for the number of kayakers getting on the Big South. Due to the pool/drop nature of the major rapids and their walkability, a great range of skill levels can be found in the paddlers attempting this run. Although I am not a huge fan of being on a crowded river, I do think this is a great run for ambitious class IV boaters to link up with solid crews to test their skills and safely push their limits. This, however, should not promote a lack of etiquette on the river. Due to the increasing numbers on the run, separate crews naturally condense in or around the major rapids and it becomes a giant clusterfuck.

With that said, some of you need to check yourselves before you wreck yourselves!

To the bros in Slideways on Saturday.... If someone in your crew swims, make it a point to save your bro and his gear (if the opportunity presents itself). I heard you called a another bro from another crew a "dick head" because he did not go out of his way to help drag an already roped boat out of the water. It should be known that I am the only "dick head" out there. You had plenty of people to handle that situation and actually signaled to me that everything was ok after I head several unnecessary whistles being blown. I sat in the eddy and watched the whole thing. How could you signal me to run when whistles are being blown? Stick your whistle in you ass or take a Wigston safety class to learn when its ok to use it. With 20+ people in a rapid, and 4 - 5 separate crews, don't expect random people to clean up your yard sale.

To the bros and bras at Double Trouble yesterday. I had the good fortune of having a bro from another crew (I don't know your name but you have a sweet rig and thanks again for the effort) take the seal launch and set up safety so I could run DT while the gapers yanked their cranks on the rock. Then I set safety with him while the rest of my crew and someone from his crew ran the drop. Our crews were done and as usual, we all styled the drop. As we were in our boats with ropes put away and ready to bounce, some other bro dropped. What bro? Did you get a signal? Of course this last bro that expected to just run through another crews ropes, swam. Luckily we were still in the eddy and Tom was able to get out of his boat and get a rope ready while the bro was playboating in DT. He flushed after 1 or 2 recircs, grabbed a rope for a sec, then my stern while I was pushing his boat into the eddy. Not to toot my own horn, but I then continued to paddle down stream to get the bro's paddle. So yes, I rescued him, his boat, and his paddle and I have never seen the bro before. I know I'm not the most skilled or smooth boater out there but, yes, I am a badass! Where the fuck was his crew and why did they give him a signal (if they did)? I know I did not give a signal that I was holding safety, I actually gave the signal that I was out with the rest of my bro crew. Get you shit straight out there. Sorry, but I am not going to play lifeguard for 25 gapers I don't know while they test their luck in Double Trouble.

Long story short on the Big South.... act as if. Act as if you and your crew are the only ones out there. Be responsible for signals and safety of your crew. Don't depend on badasses like myself to get you and your crew down. I'm out there to have fun with my bros, not babysit. If your not sure, call Gary E and your class III crew to paddle Clear Creek.

To all the proud bros who got it done out there.... nice work.


P.S. if you didn't get the memo, Forrest Noble is GAY

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[quote=seanlee;152147Long story short on the Big South.... act as if. Act as if you and your crew are the only ones out there. Be responsible for signals and safety of your crew. Don't depend on badasses like myself to get you and your crew down. I'm out there to have fun with my bros, not babysit. If your not sure, call Gary E and your class III crew to paddle Clear Creek.[/quote]

Agreed. Definitely some BS when your crew takes the time to set up safety and a bunch of JONG's roll up and assume without asking that its cool to fire it up on your watch. I don't know anyone that would not help in that situation, just as Sean and his crew did, but to just roll up on someone's safety is bad etiquette.
Chris Morrison
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Listen BROsph, if your having trouble with the gapers than just do what me and my BRAstosaurus do. Run a lap in the morning before the crowds get there, and a lap in the afternoon after they're gone. Setting safety? Catching eddies? What is that nonsense about?

Just do what I, BROseidon, King of the BROcean, does and you'll have no problem with other BRAs.
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Eddies are for BROmantic interludes....
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Originally Posted by seanlee View Post
Stick your whistle in you ass or take a Wigston safety class to learn when its ok to use it.
Does Wigston cover removing whistles from the A-hole in the class?
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Vh1 just called...

-Rock throwing at the Mish...
-Bros and Brahs setting safety for the clown posse...
-BIG hole rides on Big South...
-Fish habitat being mowed down by villians on Little SF...
-Red House wave hole getting press on the Buzz...
-Tethered swimmers in Lower Narrows...
-Lost paddle on Bridges!...
-Everybody's "B Team" getting on Big dare they!??...
-The Forest Service trying to stop people from curing cancer at Pineview!?!?...
-Truck vs. Kayak at the BS take out...

Action, Drama, Clowns, Suspense, Swims, Shit talkin, Wookies throwing rocks...You name it folks, we have it all here on the Poudre. Vh1 just called, they want to do a reality TV show up the canyon after all the action the Poudre has seen this year...Also, I have arranged for a face painter and a juggling midget to post up at Double Trouble this coming weekend just to complete the circus and seal the deal.

in good fun...

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Hey all. It's the out spoken (at times) E- here. This is a tough one. Everyone on the river who is happy and cool is my friend. I dislike name calling...really. I am the one who went over the handle bars on a 20+ foot seal launch to set safety for people I had never met. I never ran the drop, but felt the need to set safety to get the ball rolling. I understand both sides of the paddle. I have had a great time on the B-SIZZLE and will be on it this weekend. I will be with my group. I will help someone in need and will love it if someone I don't know helps me.

I developed 3 cracks in my boat. I had nothing to repair it, because I was in a tried and true, tough as hell... Draggorossi. I swear by Gorilla Tape and stock Protecto Wrap (Bitchothane) (Window wrap) in my shop, but had nothing with me. Several people came to my rescue. Thanks...Really


P.S. The swimmer was a southern boy. Nice Guy. I chatted with him at the T.O.. BTW- It was me who jumped out of my boat and hit him with a throw rope, emptied his boat, hung with him, and kissed him on the cheek.
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Yo! I am Tom. I loved stomping the shit out of Double trouble the truth is we should not bitch about other paddlers...! What is the big fucking problem? If I was rolling in to DT solo I sure as hell would have ran it on somebody else’s safety.. I have saved a lot of paddlers in my day. I did not save this paddler, but I will tell you!! We all got to pull together to keep it safe out there… Action Reaction
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This thread reminds me that the best investment we can make in these difficult economic times is to buy life insurance policies on boaters like the ones described above...
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But seriously, you've got some good points. Smaller groups can look out for each other better. There aren't many 10 boat eddies in the BS rapids. Don't blow by a group in the middle of a tough drop, etc...wait your turn or hike the rapid.

To set the record straight, I was one of the gapers that swam in Slideways. One of my group members (we had a group of 4) followed me through the rapid to help get me to shore. Another member of our group got my boat out of the eddy/woodpile on river left.

Two boaters came by and he asked for a hand getting the boat out. One guy got out and helped, the other guy looked at him and then turned to paddle downstream, and was later called a "dickhead" or something like that.

We didn't paddle into Slideways willynilly expecting you and your crew of badasses to clean up a yardsale.

Let's keep it safe out there and keep watching out for each other. And keep your whistle tucked safely in your ass too, I guess...
Drew J.
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