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Beta on Foxton?

Anyone like to share info on Foxton, class, hazards, drop/pool?


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class III. Pretty continuous rapids. Gorgeous scenery. Several good play spots. You've got to maneauver to follow the water and avoid the rocks. There's one 2-3 foot drop with a pool afterwards. There's another section where you've got to make an obvious move in fast moving water. It's not for beginners but you don't need to be strong either. Just be able to stay upright and control your boat in current. At 280 cfs, the bank isn't too far away.

The road is all along the river so it's easy to scout.

Great relaxed run.
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Foxton is my favorite run. from 240-300cfs the water is very low and lots of rocks. still runnable, but don't bother if the flow is lower than 240. the best water level is 350-500 I think. I haven't run it higher than that. I hear some of the bigger drops become class 4 when the water is at 600cfs or higher.

there are several sections- the boulder garden is the highest section and also the most difficult. don't bother unless the river is at least at 350cfs. This section has big boulders and lots of maneuvering. I'd call it class 3+. It's a lot of fun but definitely more technical. At higher water levels it may be a class 4. This section includes the 2 big drops mentioned in the previous post.

The next section- below the boulder garden to just above foxton road is class 2/3. pretty mellow with 3 or 4 easy class 3ish rapids near the end of this section.

Just above foxton road starts my favorite section of foxton. there is a huge boulder on the road side of the river, put in above there. Lots of play, continuous rapids for several miles. 2 largish drops about 3/4 of the way down. Lots of maneuvering and some holes that are fairly easy to punch through at low water but can be sticky at high water. This section ends at the big parking lot a bit downstream from the short narrow canyon-like section of the river, below the big drops. At high water some of these drops become class 3+, and at 600cfs or so some will probably be class 4.

The next section is down to the confluence. It's fairly mellow most of the way but has a few decent sized class 3 rapids and some maneuvering.

If you put all of this together it's a solid full day run

Tons of fun, and all can be scouted from the road. A detailed description can be found at hope this helps!!

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Foxton is one of my favorites also,busy class 3 to 4- with a creeky feel in spots and some play.It's a great training ground safe enough to deliberately run stuff off line and try to catch the tiniest eddies just to make it more interesting.At 280 its bony semi technical 3,is 3+ from 450 ish to 550,4- above that.I ran it at 820 last year still only 4-.
You can make the run like 10 or 11 miles if you start at the boulder garden and run thru Waterton.The boulder garden is fun but my favorite part is from the big boulder Camiona mentioned,about 200 yds upriver from where Foxton road comes in,down almost exactly 2 miles thru the 'narrows',below this it mellows and is a good beginner to low intermediate run still has a couple fun 3's.
Scenery is good it's not to far from metro or the springs,if your boating solo it's usually easy to hitch aride back to your car and on weekends or late afternoon meet other boaters.
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It's a fun run. I prefer it above 250, but I've run it as low as 150 just because I was there. Even at 150 everything was channeled pretty good, but I wouldn't make the drive just to run it below 250ish. I'm surprised no one mentioned the two rapids above the boulder garden. I usually put in at a small pull off above the boulder garden, after some private land (fence) next to the road. I think there's only room for one car there, but at higher flows those two rapids can be a lot of fun. In my opinion, the boulder garden almost isn't worth all the flatwater afterwards, but at higher flows definately put in a little higher up than the garden. It makes the flatwater a little more worthwile, and is a good warm up. I agree with Cayo, good scenery, it's a great run for going solo, and it's close enough for after work runs if you're near Denver.
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Gem of an afterwork run for the Denver crowd.

I think the land right near pinacle rock is on the table for the Funding our Rural Schools iniative, or whatever the hell sham is. In any case, if it goes on the auction block, I hope some boaters step up.

The best part of the run IMHO is the evening sun on the granite domes, warm air pushing through the canyon and warm Lake Dillon water splashin' on your face. Aw shit, I'm startin' to tear up just thinking about it.

Great to see stuff running, it's been a long winter.
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Looks like the flow is sticking around for a little bit. Any of you want to paddle it tomorrow (Sunday)? Call me if ya unt to. Any time should work for me.

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pnw, Colorado
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we should be around the putin at 10-10:30am tomorrow, you can jump in with us
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