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Best Kayak for Bigger Person???

I asked this question three seasons ago and got the Dagger Honcho in response to everyone's feedback. I love the Honcho, but would like to try to get something a little smaller, something to do tricks a little easier and fit into the steeper waves at the kayak park in Pueblo. The Honcho used to kill me when I was in it for more than 10 minutes. Luckily my skills were pretty non-existent, so I usually swam before it got uncomfortable. But now I can stay in the Honcho for an hour or more before getting really crampy. So I would like some people to give me some advice in regards to a good playboat for a bigger guy (6'3" 210#). I have seen guys that are my size in boats that are definitely shorter and look easier to surf on the bigger waves when the flow is strong. Also, would the Honcho be a good all-around river runner still? Or would it be best to sell the Honcho and try to get two good used boats (one for play and one for a do everything).

I appreciate any info. Thanks, Bert

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Seems like the Jackson Fun line is very adaptable to different sizes of boaters. I have a wavesport Z that is flat out long, so I know where you are coming from.
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I am 6'4" (or a little taller) fit well into a Kingpin 6.3. I'm pretty skinny (180), but I don't think if I was a little bigger it'd be much of a problem and have a good friend that is my hieght and your weight that paddles the same boat. I also know other big dudes that fit into the Crazy 88, the biggest version of the ZG and the biggest version of the Space Cadet or Pocket Rocket ( I can't remember which one is bigger).
I would think that the Honcho would spend a lot of time in your garage if you keep it. I had an Outlaw before the Kingpin and I haven't seen it in three years, even though I still own it. It basically sits in a storage unit in Denver.
Finding a playboat for someone your size shouldn't be much of a problem though. You might not have much outfitting for you feet, but you'll fit in a bunch of boats.
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If you have interest in demo'ing a Fun or any JK for that matter, feel free to drop me a line... [email protected]

I live in Boulder though... so it depends, maybe there is another closer shop around.
"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body. But rather...To skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming... WOW !!!! What a ride!!!!!!"
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All aroud boats that are a little shorter: I am 6'4" and about 185 and have been in all of these.

Super EZ (complete comfort, bit older design)
EZG 60 by Wave Sport (probably the best all around boat, not super good at any ont thing though
Riot Nitro 58 gallons (good all around boat)
Super Fun, Jackson or even the 4 Fun I can fit into
Dagger Juice, for bigger guys
Dagger kingpin, tons of room

Park and play boats that loop and do all that new school jive:

RAD 195 by Bliss Stick (loops are sick)
Super Star by Jackson Kayaks (loopy as well)
Crazy 88 (this thing will sink for your weight though) dagger
Orbit Fish by Necky (dosn't loop as well but the thing blunts and cartwheels better than anything I have ever been in)
Fluid big Flirt (I hear wonderful things but haven't paddled this one
Robson NRG Xl (very slicy and kinda wierd, you probably weight to much)
Airhead by Liquid Logic (pretty sweet boat but slow on a wave, everything else it does pretty well)
Riot Air 60 is a great boat for sure

Hmmmm Did I miss anything?
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I have an S6X 205 which is a great playboat for bigger paddlers. It came out Fall 2003 and is superb on a wave, and good for throwing ends, loops etc. It is yellow and blue and in great shape. I am asking $450. If you are interested, drop me a line at [email protected]
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I was looking at the new I-4... it's a do everything boat and a few people I've talked with really like the boat. Anyone have one?
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Re: Best Kayak for Bigger Person???

Not sure how you are defining big, but I'll second the Super Fun. I'm 6'9" and fit
fairly well in it. Getting the happy feet (bean bag bulkhead) right took a bit, but
when I have it right I can sit in this boat for 2+ hours w/o feet or legs going numb.

At 200lbs, I'm on the lighter side of the center weight for the boat for playing and
since I have the seat back all the way, the center of gravity is shifted back more
than is ideal, but it's great fun. The only problem I've had has been in bigger
waves it has a tendancy to flip me backwards if I'm not careful. Otherwise the
boat surfs great, is very easy to do stern squirts in, and probably lots of other
things I'm not capable of doing!

The biggest gripe I have is the outfitting that comes in the boat isn't as
nice as I would have liked and have seen in other boats, but I'm slowly
redoing everything.

I know of various people 6'5" and taller in this boat and several much heavier
than I am.
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super fun

Johnt - my buddy is 6'6" and we went to one of the Mtn shop demo days in the poudre, and he tried every one they had - couldn't get into any of them. He is 225 or so. He tried the LL Hoss and Jefe and could not even get in when they completed unbolted bulkheads. He also tried the WS diesel and similar story... I think he has freakishly long legs. You think the Super fun would still work for him?
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Super Fun should work, maybe the Super EZ as well. The Super EZ is freaking huge inside.

Still maybe the Airhead too. No love on the EZG 60 huh?

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