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best boat?

I am 6'3" and about 180 lbs looking to buy a boat. I would like a play boat but since i just started nothing too technical. What would be a good boat, any brand, for me to buy that i could fit into?I thought i would get a wavesport big ez but i could not fit my legs in the boat and my weight does not really fit the wavesport super ez. I'm sure someone else out there must have the same problem as i so i could really use your help. I am now looking at a liquid logic space cadet but they seem a little too pricy for me plus i haven't sat in one to make sure i fit. I need a lot of help. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks.

Conyers, GA

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I am 6'2" 160lbs and have size 14 feet and I fit into my dagger ID 7.0 loosly.
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Check out the kingpin. It is a top of the line play boat so you wont be buying a new boat next season because you outgrew it's potantial.
Amazingly it is a very forgiving boat and quite easy to paddle even for novices so you will be able to learn tricks faster in it. I made the mistake of thinking I would start in a less playful boat and work myway up to a rodeoer and because of that I have gone through five boats in three years untill I ended up in the boat I love (not a kingpin but I did paddle one for this season and itis quite good). Anyway I hope this helps. Just try stuff out till it fits.

good luck
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Dagger King Pin 6.3. I'm 6'2" 200 lbs., it's a sweet play boat, a little slow ferrying and stuff, but you get used to it and it makes up for it in comfortableness and funness. I used to have a big ez which was cool, but didn't care for the chines so much. Try it out I think you'll dig it.
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BV, Colorado
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I paddle a Bliss Stick RAD 185. I'm 6'2" and have size 14 skis. It rides like a kingpin, so I've been told. I even have the seat set only half way through its range of adjustment. I also herd that you can get a great deal on a new one directly from bliss stick, i thought i herd something like $625-$675. You might also hit the guys up at CKS, I think they have one left.
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Kiingpin, It's already been said but I bought a 6.2 this year and my playboating has skyrocketed. You should definitely look into it. I paddled mine today and I had a sweet one.
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This Space Cadet is a great boat, but not for someone 6’3. Check out the Pyranha S6F 192 or 193. It was new this past year & it has a lot of room for someone your height. I also agree with all of the Kingpin fans out there; have a look at that boat, but be prepared to drop some cash for both. Jackson also make a boat for someone your size, but I don't think you will find it for sale on a used forum any time soon. Less expensive options are the Pyranha S6 200 or the big version of the Dagger G-Ride. Both are great boats & IMHO have some leg room, are kind to folks on the learning curve, and fit into the "modern" boat category. Keep in mind that the longer a boat has been on the market, the more critics (and fans) it has. That can be good and bad, so just find something that fits and learn to paddle it.

That’s my $0.02 & I understand if you want your money back. BTW, inseam in addition to the personal info you provided is always helpful. Not all folks "bend" in the same place...
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i have loved my perception full tilt. i'm a bit shorter and lighter but have lots of room and could see how being a bit bigger would make throwing moves in this boat easier. it seems to be great for an all arounder and is my traveling boat. this is also a boat you could find for cheap. let me know if you're looking for one.
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I'm 6'4", 175 lbs, and I paddle a Necky Mission. I also tried a Big EZ, but the bulkhead sucks, and my feet/legs went numb. Some local shops still recommended a Big EZ, and that I yank the bulkhead and put foam in there. Whats nice about the Necky Mission is that the bulkhead is foam that you cut to fit yourself. I even managed to move the seat up a notch to get a bit more forward. Seems that with every other boat I had to move the seat all the way back. I'm not sure that the Mission is the ideal playboat, but I'm starting to learn a few tricks in it and it surfs really easily. I've also heard the Jackson 4Fun would be a good fit for the tall skinny type, but I never got around to demoing one. One nice thing about the Jacksons are they're cheap, I think brand new for under $1000. Hope this helps...
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pnw, Colorado
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Kingpin 6.3
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